Kim Young-ok 625 Two years before the war, a school trip to Kaesong by train with the gods 2

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‘Along with the Gods Season 2’ actor Kim Young-ok revealed that he went to Gaeseong on an elementary school school trip, bringing surprises.

In Channel S’s entertainment program ‘Along with the Gods Season 2’, which will be aired on the 21st, the figure of Kim Young-ok, the 85-year-old South Korean active-duty actress, telling an anecdote of a school trip from another class will be revealed.

‘Along with the Gods Season 2’ is a customized food recommendation talk show in which 4MCs Dong-Yup Shin, Si-Kyung Sung, Seon-Young Park, and Yong-Jin Lee transform into ‘food masters’ to recommend menus that will make your special day even more special, and share stories and flavors together.

Kim Young-ok, who appeared as a guest in a recent recording, said, “I went to Gaeseong by train when I was in 5th grade. Among celebrities, I am the only one who has seen a personality.” He then surprised everyone by saying, “It was two years before the Korean War,” and “I went there feeling like I was going to Jeongneung.”

Kim Young-ok, the oldest active actress and the ‘national grandmother,’ also revealed her relationship with other ‘national grandmother’ actors Na Moon-hee and Park Jung-soo. Kim Young-ok said that she and the two of them had a new challenge as main MCs in Channel S’s ‘Attack on Grandma’, and Sung Si-kyung asked about their usual conversation topics. In response, Kim Young-ok opened his mouth and said, “I’m talking about healthy things, but…”

Then, Kim Young-ok started counseling for 4MC. While Lee Yong-jin and Park Seon-young talked about ‘second-year-old worries’ and ‘marriage worries’, respectively, Kim Young-ok gave an answer that contained their age, and the rumor that the two left the studio. You can check it out on Channel S’s ‘Along with the Gods Season 2’ at 8 pm on the 21st.

‘Channel S’ is 1 on SK B tv, 70 on KT Olleh TV, 62 on LG U+TV, and 0 on B tv cable, 133 on LG HelloVision, 74 on DeLive, and 210 on HCN. can watch In addition, you can enjoy the broadcast VOD of ‘Along with the Gods 2’ on various platforms such as the online video service wave.

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