Kindergarten boys give “mother’s gold ring” to the parents of female classmates to find it true… Contact the teacher urgently and the ending will be revealed | International | QUANTITY

The boy gave his mother’s gold ring to his classmates in the nursery class. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

A kindergarten boy in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China He gave a gold ring to a female classmate a few days ago. The parents thought it was a toy at first, but after a closer look, they found something was wrong and it was confirmed that it was the real ring. .

According to the “Video Thumb” report, the incident happened on February 10. The boy took a gold ring from home and gave it to a female classmate in the kindergarten. The female classmate’s father said that the two children each time was right They would be close and often give each other gifts. It was a small gift from the other party, so when he received the first ring, he didn’t take it seriously, thinking it was fake. However, the ring felt heavy when I took it, and the brand name was engraved on it. I was surprised that the ring was real. I immediately contacted the nursery teacher and finally sent it back to the boy’s parents.

The parents discovered that the circle was real and contacted the teacher immediately. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

After the news emerged, it caused a warm response. Netizens left messages with laughter: “The child is good, and he will have trouble since he is a child”, “Engagement circle”, “This little boy is not afraid not to have a wife in the future”, “It seems genuine”, “This is true love, give away an antique”, “Adults give fake ones, kids give real ones”, “This will go into the parents’ direct meeting ceremony”, “Now the little boys are amazing! Are nursery schools like this?”

In addition, many people shared their children at home, “My son, take my mobile phone to send it to a female classmate. I couldn’t find the mobile phone when I picked it up. I saw that it had to be placed at school”, “My daughter almost wore a golden puppy to school”, “My daughter Take my Lamei to school to dry her classmates’ hands”, all kinds of strange behaviors are make people laugh and cry.


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