“King Power: Three Kingdoms” is available exclusively on the Netflix game domain. It is based on “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and uses cards for turn-based battles | T Kebang

Well-known independent game publisher Devolver Digital is coming to Netflix again! Produced by developer Nerial, the acclaimed classic series “Reigns: Three Kingdoms” is now available exclusively on the gaming section of Netflix. This is the fifth game universe developed by the award-winning “King Power” series with millions of downloads, throwing players back to the chaotic end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and entering the Three Kingdoms era where there was child love and political disputes past.

“Reigns: Three Kingdoms” builds on the successful foundation of the previous “Reigns” series, and the uniquely designed battle system will bring a new dimension to the core concept of the game. Players will participate in many factions and wars, so they will meet many epic characters, try to negotiate with opponents, strengthen the strength of allies, recruit members of the enemy troops and recruit more soldiers to the front line!

Players will start as a poor beggar, looking for different social ways to make themselves stand up, until they become emperors and generals who united the 14 regions of the Central Plains. During the development of this hegemony, players will face history and slowly understand what the decisions they make will lead to the consequences for future generations.

Game Features

  • Enter a unique adventure narrative game where you can meet more than 100 real characters and more than 1500 permutations and combinations of game card effects.
  • An extension of the core concept of the Thrones game series, focusing on a brand new combat system. In addition to being able to compete with AI in the game’s story, it is also possible to conduct asynchronous PvP duels with online players.
  • Dozens of quests with unique growth arcs: characters and heroes to recruit, marriage partners, and children to raise.

How to play

Click the Netflix app to log in and click the “Games” tab, you can see “King Power: Three Kingdoms”, all users who subscribe to Netflix can enjoy it, click to go to the Play Store to download and play , and absolutely no in-game ads and in-app purchases are required!

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