‘King Power’ won the Asia AREA award 3 years in a row to support a strong society

King Power received the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2021 Award of Excellence for 3 years in a row.

13 September 2021 King Power Group reveals its success from supporting and developing sustainable society. To give back to Thai society under the social project ‘King Power Thai Power, the Power of Thai People’ received the Outstanding Organization Award for Asian Social Activities for the 3rd consecutive year from the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2021 or AREA. 2021 Social Empowerment (Strengthening Society)

Organized by Enterprise Asia, an independent organization that supports the holistic development of economic and social capacity in Asia. This year is the 10th year and only 69 projects have been awarded from a total of 205 projects submitted from 16 countries across Asia. The award ceremony was held online in early September in Malaysia.

Mr. Aiyawat Srivaddhanaprabha, Chief Executive Officer of King Power Group, said that the King Power Thai Power project, Thai Power, is the core of creating projects to support the potential of Thai people. Emphasis on sustainable and concrete social development Both in terms of economy, society and quality of life, covering 3 core areas: SPORT POWER, MUSIC POWER, and COMMUNITY POWER.

“Since the establishment of the King Power Thai Power Project, Thai Power in 2017, the company has persisted in the spirit of ‘Giving’ and believes in the ‘Thai Power’, thus having strategic objectives to include social activities on the agenda. operation of the organization”

Over the past 4 years, the company has been able to spread the opportunity. Create a circular economy and deliver happiness to communities across the country in 77 provinces and regions, more than 5,400 communities across the country, which in 2020 expanded the framework to a wider area To provide youth and communities in remote areas with more opportunities to access various activities as follows:

  • On the side of MUSIC POWER, creating a stage for a new music contest THE POWER BAND, a popular international music competition with a wind instrument. That gives people who love music a chance to have a stage to show their talent leading to a quality band in the future. Emphasis on reaching farther areas to develop people and the community to the point
  • On the SPORT POWER side, the Million Ball Project, Million Power to Create Thai Children’s Dreams and the 100 Football Field Project to empower Thai youth. More than 700,000 soccer balls have been delivered nationwide and 61 international standard artificial turf football fields have been built in more than 5,400 communities to develop youth soccer skills. and Thai people who love football until they become a school team and competed at the district level Developed to the provincial level in many teams
  • As for COMMUNITY POWER, there is a project to promote Thai community products that highlight the beauty of craftsmanship and the wisdom of villagers that have been passed on from generation to generation, with the King Power team joining in the idea, developing and extending products to meet the global market. to lead to publicity and increase the distribution channel for community products internationally For outstanding works, there are a collection of Leicester City club memorabilia sold at The City Fanstore at King Power Stadium in Leicester, England and developed products. Together with the world-famous streetwear brand like atmos that is sold to 8 countries around the world such as Japan, America, South Korea and England, etc.

One of Enterprise Asia’s missions is to honor organizations or organizations that stand out in the field of social responsibility, promoting and realizing the value of building a culture in a caring society. and an undivided society Ready to create awareness in the organization as a social responsibility participant and can measure success in a concrete, sustainable way

It is divided into 7 branches: Environment (Green Leadership), Personnel Management (Investment in People), Health Promotion, Corporate Governance, Circular Economy Leadership ( Circular Economy Leadership), Responsible Business Leadership, and Social Empowerment.

This year, there were only 69 projects from 205 projects in 16 countries in Asia such as Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, etc. They had to pass the selection criteria from the faculty. Qualified directors from various industries and countries by criteria for consideration

These include how the results are presented, qualitatively measurable outcomes, project creation efficiency, commitment, community relations, needs response, ability to reach target audiences, engagement, engagement. determined and consistency, etc.

In addition, well-known regional organizations have received awards in other fields such as Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited, Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, Pacific SOGO Department Stores Co., Ltd., Heineken Malaysia Berhad, Accenture, Inc.

Mr. Aiyawat also said that The award reflects the intention. Commitment and collaboration of communities and partners Because this success will not happen. If there is a lack of good cooperation from all relevant sectors, including the government sector, various alliances, executive committees, employees in the organization, business partners, communities and people who have all contributed to the success of various projects as intended.

“I believe in the power of Thai people. and would like to see the youth, community and society have a better living Get the opportunity to develop your potential as much as possible. To lead to the goal of sustainable growth in terms of economy, society and quality of life.”


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