King & Prince release MV for ‘We are young’ with Johnny’s Jr.

From King & Prince’s 12th single “Life goes on / We are young” to be released on the 22nd, the music video for “We are young” has been released on YouTube.

King and Prince「We are young」MV全集

King & Prince’s 11th single “Tsukiyomi / Irodori” (released November 9, 2022), which won 11 consecutive weekly single positions, became first in the annual sales category single position of 2022. Acquired and exceeded 1 million copies for the first time in King & Prince history.

The MV for “We are young” released by King & Prince this time is the first for King & Prince to use Johnny’s Jr., and tells the story of boys who work hard towards their dreams and They are supported by King & Prince. contains , and it is a warm content that pushes the back of those who take a new step in life, such as those who start a new life.

King & Prince, 12th Single “Life goes on / We’re young”

King & Prince (photo provided)

This work is the theme song “We are young” for Nippon Television Syndra “Sukisuki Wanwan!” starring Yuta Kishi, and the ending song “Life goes on” for the TBS drama “Yuwa ni Te Tsunagu” with Ren Nagase double A side single.

“life goes on” is a cheerful song about friendship and irreplaceable youth. ‘We’re young’ is a ballad song that gently closes to those who walk a new path with the message ‘This is always the starting line now’.

The bonus footage from Limited Edition B, which includes the MV for “We are young,” features an MV featuring only King & Prince scenes as a Lip Sync version. A’s first limited edition will include the MV for “Life goes on”, Dance Ver, and Behind the scenes.

And the special video of this Dear Tiara edition includes a project video called “Regain Your Youth!” It’s a video where you can enjoy the relaxed expressions of the five people who can only be seen here, play to the max within the time limit of , and have a barbecue after playing. In addition, the first limited editions A and B, the regular edition, and the Dear Tiara edition will contain a total of five different new songs. (modelpress editorial department)

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