“Kingdom: Embers of War” opens pre-booking activities to emphasize “no rules PK” and the fun of playing treasure-Bahamut

Mover Games’ Mover Games platform announced today (14) that it has teamed up with South Korean developer FOWGAMES to launch an open PvP mobile game “Kingdom: Embers of War” (킹덤: 전쟁의불씨) and open advance reservation activities. According to the official statement, “Kingdom: Embers of War” is the main feature of the game “No Rules PK”, allowing players to become popular anytime and anywhere, and experience the pure Korean killing pleasure. At the same time, in the world of “Kingdom: Embers of War”, all God outfits are scattered on the BOSS, the real “equipment depends on hitting”, free trading allows players to speculate on equipment and get rich overnight.

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There are no rules in this world, everything talks with strength

In the world of “Kingdom: Embers of War”, players do not need to wait to load whether they are in a town or an adventure wilderness. The whole world is seamlessly connected, and it is a truly open PvP world!

Be careful! There are no rules for PK here. You can kill other players anytime and anywhere, but you must also pay attention to being attacked and looted by other celebrities! Want revenge after being killed? In “Kingdom: Embers of War”, there is a revenge system, you will be able to lock the target, chase the enemy madly, kill the enemy until the equipment is fully sprayed, and openly beg for mercy. At the same time, there is also a “Red List”. Please always pay attention to the changes in the points on the “Red List”. For the murderous PK, remember to stay away, or… find a way to squeeze in.

Dabao Disassembly Free Trading Online Game Play in place at once

Do you miss the days when you surrounded and beat BOSS and Dabao with your comrades? “Kingdom: Embers of War” will bring you the same touch! The top equipment has to be obtained by killing monsters and treasures; want a magic weapon? Daguai! Want high defense? Daguai! Moreover, the magic equipment obtained by playing treasure can also be put on the exchange for auction, and becoming rich overnight is no longer a fantasy. Whether you are a new or experienced player, want to become stronger and richer? Immediately set out to fight against monsters in the wild!

Advance reservation has been opened to make an appointment to break through to get the “rare pet Taiwan black bear” and “rare weapon”

“Kingdom: Embers of War” is currently open for advance reservations. If the number of reservations exceeds 500,000, each player will receive “Rare Pet Taiwan Black Bear”, “Rare Weapons” and “Pet Drawing Ticket 11 Consecutive Drawing”, and 50 After 10,000 reservations, every time the number of reservations exceeds 10,000, the “Pet Draw Coupon X1” will be added after going online. There is no cap! There are also guild creation rewards. As long as the guild is pre-created and filled with 10 people, each player in the guild will receive gold coins* 10W, attack scroll* 5, defense scroll* 5 and advanced armor set treasure chest* 1; All MMORPG fans who are eager for a fair battle, come to make an appointment in advance, organize your guild, and wait for the game to go online and start the battle together!



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