‘King’s Cup’ fever! Football fans queuing since 4am to get tickets to watch ‘Chang Suek’ fight ‘Yellow Tiger’

‘King’s Cup’ fever! Football fans queuing since 4am to get tickets to watch ‘Chang Suek’ fight ‘Yellow Tiger’

Battle of ‘King’s Cup’ Fever, ‘Chang Suek’ fans come to wait in line to buy tickets in front of the stadium since 4 am, 8 hours before the actual sale time. The first queue reveals that they are afraid not to get tickets because they sell out very quickly!

The movement of the 48th “King’s Cup” football battle at the Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium, Chiang Mai Province by “Chang Suek”, the national football team of Thailand Prepare to enter the field in the semi-finals against the Malaysian “Yellow Tigers” today (22 September) at 8:30 pm, broadcast live on Channel 32 and AIS Play. The first match, Trinidad and Tobago, meets Tajikistan at 5:30 pm

Most recently, on the morning of September 22, the reporter “Matichon” said that the organizers of the competition brought about 2,500 tickets to the stadium, with fans from Chiang Mai and neighboring provinces. Let’s wait in line from 4:00 AM to buy tickets that go on sale at 12:00 PM.

Then, during 11:00 am, ticket officials start handing out queue cards to fans waiting in line. before the actual sale starts at 12.00

Mr. Athiwit Jaiprasert, 38 years old, son-in-law in Chiang Mai province. The first line revealed that Leave home at 3 am, arrive at 4 am, put in the car and wait for no one again. who came early in the morning because they are afraid of losing the ticket because it sells very well Tickets in other places run out very quickly, so you have to hurry to get your tickets.

“It is a source of pride for all the residents of Chiang Mai. to watch the Thai national team play here. Thanks to the kind adults who brought such good football to watch up close like this.”

Athiwit concluded that Mr. Hoffai today’s score would like to see the Thai national team win. But Malaysia itself is good. Let’s win 2-1 or 3-1

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