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Kingsford Securities expects stocks in the afternoon to support 1,600–1,605 points – Hoonsmart

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HoonSmart.com>> Kingsford Securities Assessing stocks in the afternoon, support 1,600 – 1,605 points, resistance 1,610 – 1,615 points, after the morning sales were strong in packaging, building materials, tourism, transportation and petrochemicals.

Kingsford Securities Looking at the stock market trend in the afternoon Set support for the SET index at 1600 – 1,605 points, resistance at 1,610 – 1,615 points after the morning was hit by selling pressure from packaging, building materials, tourism, transport and petrochemicals. Investors wait to assess the Prime Minister’s opening approach in Oct. This will have to speed up the vaccination in a wide area. While the number of vaccines in June is not enough. which must be injected to an average of 3 hundred thousand cases / day

In the afternoon, follow the meeting of Prof. whether to consider whether the university relaxes in some areas or not, measures to open restaurants, including the Phuket Sandbox pilot project to open for tourists in July. Next week, follow the meeting. The MPC on Wednesday and the opening of the House of Representatives to consider the draft amendment to the Constitution for the first term

The SET Index closed in the morning -12.15 points at 1,605.50 points, trading value 49 billion baht, while the MSCI Asia Pacific X.Japan index stabilized this morning. After the Fed prepares to raise interest rates faster than expected twice in 2023 from the previous expected in 2024, the dollar strengthened the Dollar Index to 91.88, affecting the prices of commodities such as oil, gold, metals. Trading in US Dollars is more expensive.

Investors are in the process of adjusting their portfolios in risky assets. It is expected that the Fed may signal measures to reduce QE at the meeting of the International Central Bank in Jackson Hole on 26-28 August, while the Norwegian Central Bank, Canada began to signal interest rate increases. Fund flow overview On the ASEAN Stock Exchange (TIP) yesterday, it sold a net of $243 million.

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The morning’s half-day stock fell 12 points on concerns about the Fed’s outflow of funds.

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