Kingsley schools tackle the third student suicide in 8 months


On average, there are more than 128 suicides per day in the United States, by people with known and non-mental health conditions.
United States

Kingsley village, a small rural community in the west of Michigan, is struggling to find ways to reach the youth after three teenagers have died suicide in the past eight months.

In the latest, Sealynn Pobuda, aged 14 years, suicide died on February 3, according to the Record Eagle in Traverse City. Souvenir service was held on Saturday morning at Kingsley Middle School.

"There is a wholesale of the death of any student in the school, and all the children have an enormous impact on the whole community," said Kinglsey Keith Smith School District Superintendent with Record Eagle. "When the first of us was coming out of school, I was really surprised. Before we got back in school, there was a second one, and he returned to our heels. Then, this one We have all that can not believe in and ourselves. "

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The death of Shealynn Stone, Kayden, 14, died suicide in September, and DeAnte Bland, 16, who died in June.

"You do not know how much your kid loves – you think you do, but you do not need – until you are not more of them," said Bill Stone, the father of Kayden, with the Record Eagle.

Shealynn Pobuda, a 14-year-old Kingsley student, suicide was suicidal on February 3, 2019, according to news reports. The third-level student from Kingsley Area Schools was to report sites that suicide was last in the last nine months. (Photo: Life Story Funeral Town)

Suicide is the second cause of death among those 10-24, in accordance with the National Suicide Prevention Act. In addition, the Death of the second for that age 15-43 in Michigan, according to the American Suicide Foundation.

In 2017, teen Canton attempted suicide after a former boyfriend.

In May 2018, rebuilders at Bloomfield's Western High School were collected to discuss suicide, after four students died in a four-year period. The suicide rate over a 10-year time frame, between 2006 and 2016, showed almost 70 percent.

Suicide experts and suicides involved poor access to mental health screenings, as well as societal issues.

"It is a national crisis," West Bloomfield High School, Patrick Watson, the principal of the Free Press in 2018.


If you can go back in time and talk to yourself in your darkest moment, what would you say?
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Schools like West Bloomfield and Kingsley worked with organizations to raise awareness of suicide prevention. West Bloomfield worked with the Farmington company, Therapy Live, to create a curriculum that covers subjects such as anger, anxiety, stress, and sadness.

WPBN-TV reported that Kingsley School District co-operated with local District District local organizations and the local Traverse Bay Area organization, such as Michael & Place, to help students tackle the loss of a class person.

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"Some of the children are open and tearful and they are very happy to talk and some of them are, and when not, we need to find ways to help them with strategies to deal with them," said Melissa Fournier, program director Michael & # 39; s Place, with WPBN -TV.

"It may be possible to enter activity as drafting, writing or finding ways other than talking, but finding it in a way to cope with an intense emotional experience that everyone needs."

If you need help or someone you know, call the National Suicide Prevention Line on 800-273-8255.

According to the National Suicide Prevention Act, suicide warning signs include:

  • Talking about wanting to die or kill themselves
  • Looking for a way to kill themselves, like searching online or buying a gun
  • Talking about feeling without hope or no reason to live
  • Talking about feeling infected or in unsustainable pain
  • Talking about being a burden to others
  • Increase the increase in alcohol or drugs
  • Concerning or driving active; carrying recklessly
  • Sleeping is too small or too small
  • Withdrawal or withdrawal
  • Looking at rage or talking about seeking a revenge
  • Swing big mood

The National Suicide Prevention Suicide encourages people with suicidal ideas to find a therapist, build a network of support and use the network, make a safety plan and get extra resources for assistance.

According to, people who think that a suicide can help to ask questions, keep them safe, can help them get in touch and follow up with them.

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