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In the “first part”, the anxiety factor of the sunray pocket was mentioned and evaluated as erasing, but in the “second part”, the favorite to replace the sunray pocket and the following conclusions including the five hole horses are introduced.

◆[Kinko Sho 2022 Prediction / Dangerous Popular Horses-Part 1]The most popular horses with the highest performance are “erased”.

■ Highly rated two of the disadvantages of the previous run

As a favorite, he made a good run in 3rd place at last year’s Kinko Sho.PotageNominate. The American JCC in the previous race ran out of space at the 3rd and 4th corners, and although it had the disadvantage of lowering the position a little, it stretched its legs firmly in a straight line and pushed it up to 5th place. However, in this race last year, I have to evaluate the honor student who can run well regardless of the pace and development as if he cuts into the inn from the large outer frame and stands around well and is on the side of Baba in the opening week. It’s okay to have a higher order of arrival than last year.

The opposition isLei Papale.. In the previous run, the Hong Kong Cup (2000m turf), he lost and chased around 6th in the middle team, and although he had the disadvantage of being approached three times in a straight line, he grew well to the end. The result was 6th place, but it should be appreciated that he was trying to stretch his legs to the end even if he put it in the horse group from the temper that he was disgusted when rubbed. Perhaps it will be a starting point for the next run of the Osaka Hai, but I want to hold it firmly as it seems that both temperament and horse body will reach a fulfilling period.

Below, with a pressJack DollArataShadow DivaSoft fluteAnd.Soft fluteWas the 4th place in the Aichi Cup in the previous race, but originally at the Chukyo Racecourse, he is a genuine Chukyo master who boasts an outstanding compatibility with[3-0-0-1]. He also has a horse racing sense that can be attached to the number, and it is good that he can chase around 5th depending on how the gate goes out. I hope that he will advance to the top with his best duo, Mirai Iwata.

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Sentence, Kouki Nishitate (SPREAD editorial department)

Sunray Pocket Potagerei Papare Kinko Sho

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