“Kirati”, the world’s ultimate sailing champion, “ILC A7 Master World” for the first time

“Top” Lt. Col. Kirati Bualong, a two-time Thai Olympic sailor, declares his potential to win the championship for the first time In the 2023 World Sailing Championships, “2023 ILCA World Masters Championship” without a flip in appentis edition .

The 2023 World Sailing Championship, “2023 ILCA World Masters Championship 7” at the Rajanawarun Club In Royal Patronage, Phra Tamnak Hill, Pattaya has concluded the competition with 4 types of competition: (Apprentice), Master ( Master), Grand Master (Grand Master), Great Grand Master (12 races)

In the applantis version, aged 30-44, “Top” Lt. Keerati Bualong, a two-time Thai Olympic sailor, has always been able to win gold medals for his outstanding performance. All competing tours

As for Kirati, she just turned 30 last December. who qualifies for the world master competition This is the first time Keerati has competed in the Applantis class. For people aged 30 – 44, perform 10 first places in 11 races to count points.

After finishing at the London Olympics in 2012 and Rio in 2016, Kirati turned himself into a coach. under the Royal Thai Sailing Association under royal patronage Return to racing in varied and challenging wind conditions He has been able to make an impression at the 2023 Sailing World Championships.

“Highest” Lieutenant Colonel Kirati Bualong revealed, “I’m delighted to be able to return to racing after a two-year break from sailing. And I have more fun in this race. I’m very proud that I competed for the first time and was able to win the championship.”

In the Applantis version, aged 30 – 44, Adil Khalid, a sailor from the United Arab Emirates, takes second place in the silver medal. which is an improved performance from the previous year’s race in Mexico while Italian sailor Pietro Corbuchi, in third place, took home the bronze medal.

in the masters version For racers aged 45 – 54, a sailor from Greece, Adonis Bugioris, managed to reach the same performance as Kirati by reaching first place 10 times from a total of 11 races, Ristop Botini from Australia and Peter Henry from the USA. Finish the race with a silver medal. and bronze medals, respectively, on the side of the Thai athlete, Christian Wedman, aged 17

As for the Grand Master, who is over 65, Tim Law from the United Kingdom Able to maintain a champion position he successfully won the gold medal with 2 athletes from Australia Eligible for the ILCA 6 Stephen Gunther took the money and Jeff Losmore takes the bronze.

Tim Law, an over 75 racer in the Legend group, expressed his appreciation for this year’s race, saying: “This competition is very well organised, your country and your club. It was great.”

“With 48 years of racing experience, I’m impressed with the food, the management, the venue. and the management of this year’s competition

While 4 athletes from Thailand competed in the Great Grand Master class, the results show that Marcel Doubleman is 18th, Richard Wines is 19th, Kanchanavanit is 20th, Will Hami Lawton is 22nd.

In the Grandmaster 55-64 class, which had the most riders at this event, Brett Beyer from Australia won 2nd, Jan Solten from Australia 3rd, Andrew Hold Sworth from the USA

For Thai athletes in this model who perform best, including Lt. Col. Weerasit Phuangnak, former national team, at 12, others Morten Jacobsen at 14, Col. Chulphong Chanyim, father of former national team “Bam” Kamonwan Chanyim, national team in 15th place, Mark Chelistsheff in 20th, Scott Duncanson in 25th, Kevin Wi. Tklaft in 26th, Frank Teoven in 29th and Neil Sample in 37th.

for this competition Organized by the collaboration of the Rajanawarun Club, the Royal Sponsored Sailing Association of Thailand and the International Laser Sailing Confederation With the support of the City of Pattaya, the Sports Authority of Thailand and the Tourism Authority of Thailand

by the fully committed Royal Club In order to impress all athletes and fans at the ILCA 6 and ILCA 7 events throughout the competition, the club has worked closely with the Thai Yacht Racing Association and navy for the management of competitions with Olympic standards

Throughout the competition both types of ship The race was canceled for just one day. due to unfavorable wind conditions In addition, the culture was presented through Thai food, Thai desserts, visits to the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre. Thai cooking class Small puppet shows, fire dances and Thai massage too.

In addition, Apollo Oil (Thai) Company Limited, the owner of Idemitsu’s lubricating products, Idemitsu, is the main sponsor of this competition. This is part of many social activities that the company supports Singha Corporation. joined to support to promote the collaboration

with the club in yacht racing activities for a long time There are also other sponsors such as Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, Coca-Cola by Thai Namthip Company, Element 6 Evolution (the ILCA boat manufacturer), Minor Group, United Fiddi. gens

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