Kishida: “I won’t meet you”

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As for the summit, Japan’s position has not officially advanced since the statement, “Nothing has been decided.”

The Japanese media reports a slightly more negative situation.

Let’s look at Tokyo.

Reporter Hyun Young-jun is here.

There are reports that the current reporter, Prime Minister Kishida directly said, “I will not meet.”

Can you tell me a little more about this?

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Yes, Asahi Shimbun today.

Immediately after the unilateral announcement by the Korean presidential office that the Korea-Japan summit had been readily agreed upon, Prime Minister Kishida said he expressed strong dissatisfaction, saying, “If that is true, we will not meets the opposite.”

To this comment, our presidential office has always responded that it will not respond to all of them.

If the Korea-Japan summit in New York is cancelled, it could be an embarrassing situation for the Korean government, which has been active in improving relations between Korea and Japan.

However, there is a possibility of an informal meeting or light meeting with the observation deck that I mentioned earlier.

This is because the United States, which intends to jointly respond to China and North Korea based on the cooperation between the United States and Japan, also hopes to improve Korea-Japan relations.

Japan cannot ignore the US position.

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Ultimately, this situation is probably because the Korea-Japan summit is not a very pleasant matter for Japan What are the reasons?

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Yes, from the perspective of the Korean government, the Korea-Japan summit could be a great achievement, but the atmosphere in Japan is not.

The Japanese government has been asking South Korea to offer a solution to the ruling on compensation for forced labor as a precondition for the Korea-Japan summit.

However, the Korean government has yet to find a clear answer.

Under such circumstances, if Prime Minister Kishida rushes to the summit, opposition from conservative supporters may increase.

Now, the Kishida cabinet’s approval rating has plummeted due to the excommunication of the Unification Church.

If you go to the summit without receiving anything from South Korea and receive only homework, such as lifting export restrictions, it can be even worse.

This is Young-Jun Hyun from MBC News from Tokyo.

Video commentary: Jang-sik Lee, Jin-ho Kim (Tokyo) / Video editing: Lee Sang-min

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