Kishida “Setting an upper limit on half of the current price of Russian oil… Boycott more than that”

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida (center) speaking at the G7 summit

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(Tokyo = Yonhap News) Correspondent Park Seong-jin = Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on the 3rd, regarding the price ceiling system that the G7 countries decided to introduce for Russian crude oil, said, “The current (Russian crude oil) price has been raised by about half. We are going to create a structure that does not buy more than that, and prevents them from buying.”

Kyodo News reported that Prime Minister Kishida said this about the issue of setting an upper limit on the price of Russian crude oil in a street address in the House of Representatives election on the same day.

At the G7 summit held in Germany at the end of last month, the G7, including the United States and Japan, agreed to promote the introduction of a price cap on Russian crude oil and decided to review all necessary measures in consultation with third countries and the private sector.

The plan is to reduce the money that Russia invading Ukraine gets from energy sales, making it difficult to secure the cost of war, while also responding to the problem of high oil prices.

Methods such as providing insurance necessary for crude oil transportation only when the crude oil price ceiling is observed are discussed as a method.

According to data from the Russian Ministry of Finance, the average price of Russian Ural oil from mid-May to mid-June was $87.49 per barrel, up nearly 20% from a month ago.

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