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Kissing controversy; Matt Hancock out: Sajid Javed new UK health minister | Sajid Javid

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Former Pakistani Finance Minister Sajid Javed has been named Britain’s new health minister. Javid’s appointment follows the resignation of Matt Hancock, the controversial health minister, after images emerged of Kovid violating norms and kissing a colleague.

In his new position, Javed announced that his goal is to save the country from the epidemic as soon as possible and bring it back to normal. Javed resigned as finance minister in February last year in protest of the over-intervention of Dominique Cummings, an adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Cummings has come out with a new revelation that Javed will return to the cabinet on the recommendation of Johnson’s wife Carrie Simmons.

Matt Hancock’s resignation and the appointment of a new minister came in the first week of May after The Sun published a video of him kissing his colleague Gene Colonzlo in his office. An investigation has been launched into how the Sun got its footage of the minister’s office. It is believed that the camera was hidden behind the fire alarm machine in the office.

The appointment of Gene, a longtime friend, to a high-ranking position in the health department is already in controversy. According to the British media, Hancock and Gene have decided to divorce their partners and start a new life together in anticipation of the kissing scenes coming out.

Meanwhile, the British government has launched an investigation into the discovery of classified documents from the Ministry of Defense abandoned at a bus stop.

English Summary: Sajid Javid Britain’s new health minister


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