Kiwoom exploded… Lee Jung-hoo, minimum game 900 hits


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Kiwoom took a winning series in three consecutive weekend matches against Doosan with the explosive power of hitting 5 points in one shot.

Lee Jung-hoo achieved 900 hits faster than his father Lee Jong-beom, and Lotte Lee Dae-ho drew the 352th KBO career arch.

Correspondent Hong Seok-jun.


Doosan’s ‘ace’ Miranda is back from a shoulder injury.

He struggled by giving up walks every inning due to his speed and position that had not yet risen, but he endured by giving up only one point until the 4th inning.

As soon as Miranda went down with 70 pitches set by Miranda, the Kiwoom batting line began to explode.

In the 5th inning, behind 1-2, Kim Hye-sung tied with a triple

Lee Jung-hoo’s consecutive hits made a comeback in an instant.

With this hit, Lee Jung-hoo filled 900 hits in 670 games, breaking the record of ‘minimum game 900 hits’ achieved by his father, coach Jong-beom Lee, in 698 games.

Kiwoom completed a five-point big inning by adding two RBIs and a wedge from ‘scary rookie’ Park Chan-hyeok, who came out of two consecutive full bases, and defeated Doosan 6-2.

<박찬혁 / 키움 히어로즈> “I think it’s a good day as I even hit two RBIs. I seem to be getting used to professional pitchers’ balls.”

“Kiwoom, who failed to win eight consecutive matches in the previous match, succeeded in rebounding immediately and decorated the three-weekend match against Doosan as a winning series.”

Lotte Dae-ho Lee hits the first solo home run in the second inning.

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It was his 352th home run this season and his 352th home run in his career.

With this home run, Lee Dae-ho pushed Yang Jun-hyeok and finished third in his career.

Lotte defeated KT 3-0 and took the winning series as starting Barnes kept 8 and ⅔ innings without a score.

In the beginning of the 10th inning, which went into overtime with a tie of 6-6, LG ‘Captain’ Oh Ji-hwan exploded two-run four.

LG finishing Koh Woo-seok gave Lee Won-seok a solo home run in the bottom of the 10th, but kept LG’s 8-7 win without conceding any additional runs.

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