Klong Thom treatment facility closed for 20 days after “Meningococcal disease” patient found 1 death

On November 27, 2022, reporters reported that the patrol police officer of Khlong Thom Police Station Krabi province, together with community leaders, volunteer to maintain peace in the village. There is still a checkpoint at the entrance. Ban Khuan Tai Pondok School Huay Nam Khao Sub-District, Klong Thom District, Krabi Province, which is a drug addiction treatment facility. Non-affiliates are strictly prohibited from entering and exiting the area. After finding a patient with meningococcal disease 1 person has died

Dr Sinchai Rongdej, a public health doctor in Krabi Province, revealed that a patient was admitted last week to Khlong Thom Hospital and later died. The result was diagnosed as meningococcal disease. Later, on November 21, 2022, 5 patients with suspected symptoms received treatment, and two cases of meningococcal infection were found.

Later, public health officials in Krabi Province and relevant agencies went to the area. 25 suspected patients were screened and sent for testing at the Medical Sciences Centre. Phuket The results showed that there were 8 dangerous symptoms with infection. Therefore, a blood test was sent to check for meningococcal disease at the Department of Medical Sciences, Bangkok, separating those susceptible to the infection for special care.

While public health officials went to the area to collect secretions, examine the infection, more than 400 therapists were ready to administer antibiotics. and recommend preventing diseases by wearing a hygienic mask and using alcohol to clean Including reducing congestion to prevent further spread And closing the place that caused the disease for 20 days, strictly prohibiting people from going in and out.

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