KLPGA ‘trend’ Park Min-ji wins grand prize, prize money, and many wins… Popularity Award: Lim Hee-jung

Park Min-ji, who achieved 6 victories on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour in the 2021 season. . (Provided by KLPGA) 2021.7.11/News 1

Park Min-ji (23‧NH Investment & Securities), who has been called the ‘trend’ of the Korean women’s professional golf (KLPGA) tour by achieving 6 wins in the 2021 season, smiled broadly at the end.

At the ‘2021 KLPGA Grand Prize Awards Ceremony’ held at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas in Gangnam, Seoul on the 30th, Park Min-ji won the grand prize, the prize money, and the multiple wins, and became the third crown.

Park Min-ji, who officially debuted at the KLPGA in 2017, lifted the trophy once every season, but did not stand out much. But this season was different.

After reporting one win at the Nexen/Saint Nine Masters in April, Park Min-ji lifted a total of six championships until the Daebo House D Open in July. In addition, Park Min-ji broke the total prize money of 1.5 billion won, setting a new record for the most prize money in a single season in the KLPGA.

Lim Hee-jung (21, Korea Land Trust) took the honor of the Popularity Award, which was selected through online voting by fans. Lim Hee-jung recorded one win this season and steadily climbed to the top, marking the second place in the grand prize points and prize money categories.

Kim Su-ji (25 ‧ Dongbu Construction) was selected as the main character of the ‘Most Improved Player Award’ awarded by the Golf Press Corps.

Kim Suji stepped on the stage of this year’s regular tour to play the KLPGA 2021 regular tour seed ranking match. Kim Suji, who had been in the top 10 three times in the first half, rose to the top of her career at the KG and E-Daily Ladies Open in September, and also won the Hite Jinro Championship, the last major tournament, and achieved two wins this season alone.

Song Ga-eun (21‧MG Saemaeul Geumgo) was honored with the once-in-a-lifetime Rookie of the Year award. Song Ga-eun was the only winner of the rookie this season and became the protagonist of the Rookie of the Year award by making a name for herself to golf fans.

Hana Jang (29, BC Card) received the lowest batting award for the first time in her life.

The awards ceremony was held as a small event with only a minimum number of participants, including award winners and presenters, in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The KLPGA invited 200 fans as video participants and played with them.

◇ Winners by category at the 2021 KLPGA Awards

△ Target: Park Min-ji
△ Prize King: Park Min-ji
△ Rookie of the Year Award: Song Ga-eun
△Last Strike Award: Hana Jang
△ King Da Seung: Park Min-ji
△Special Awards: Kim Hae-rim, Park Min-ji, Park Ji-young, Park Hyun-kyung, Oh Ji-hyeon, Yoo Hae-ran, Lee Da-yeon, Lee So-mi, Lee Jung-min, Im Hee-jeong, Jang Ha-na, Ji Han-sol, Kim Hyo-joo, Ko Jin-young, Park In-bi, Shin Ji-ae
△K-10 Club : Garam Choi
△Winners Club: Kwak Bo-mi, Kim Su-ji, Song Ga-eun, Im Jin-hee, Jeon Ye-seong
△Dream Tour Prize Winner: Yuna Yuna
△Champions Tour prize money: Kim Seon-mi
△KLPGA Popularity Award: Lim Hee-jung
△ Skill Development Award: Kim Su-ji
△Tour Achievement Award: Kwak Jae-sun KG, E-Daily Chairman, Kang Seok-hyun, SK Pinx CEO, Ryu Ho-gil, Maeil Broadcasting CEO, Al-Kahtani S-Oil CEO, Lee Ku-young, Hanwha Q CELLS CEO
△ Achievement Award: DB Inc CEO Moon Deok-sik, TV Chosun Executive Director Bang Jeong-oh, Greenworks CEO Jo Seong-joon, Nutri Chairman Kim Do-eon, Daebo Group Chairman Choi Deung-gyu, Daebo Group Chairman Kim Yong-bin, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Chairman Hong Seong-hyun, Daehong Planning CEO Hong Seong-hyeon, Dongbu Construction CEO Sang-hee Baek, Baek Jeong-heum S CEO of NA, Young-hyeon Lim, CEO of MC Square, Hee-yeon Hwang, CEO of Q Capital Partners, Yoon-seong Choi, CEO of Korea Land Trust, Cheol-hee Park, CEO of Hoban Construction
△ Appreciation Plaque: In-hwan Jung, CEO of Rainbow Hills Country Club, Young-gon Choi, CEO of Muan Country Club, Jeong-ho Lee, Vice President of Sports and Leisure at Hoban Group, Seong-kyung Jeong, CEO of Adonis Country Club, Su-kyung Kim, President of Wooridul Golf & Resort, Ahn Jung-hyun, Chairman of Iksan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Il-joon Kim, Curo Country Club CEO, Ryu Chae-bong, Hwasun Elice Country Club CEO, Joo Young-ro, E-Daily reporter, Park Choong-il, WP Spotainment CEO Jang Sang-jin, Wow Management Group CEO, Lee Jun-hyeok Quad Sports CEO

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