Klua Kitti tells about his life at the age of 43 and what he discovered.

Today (30 May) is the actor and MC’s birthday. Salt Kitti which on this year’s birthday that the person has come out to post a selfie along with writing a message about the discovery at the age of 43, saying

β€˜What I discovered at the age of 43
1. It’s a period of life that doesn’t have much heartache. because most of them have back pain
2. Start drinking less because he began to realize that if he drank heavily one night You’ll lose two days to recover from the hang πŸ₯²
3. (According to number 2) The house from which it used to be decorated like a tavern The area was swallowed up by a child and turned into a toy store. But on the other side, I discovered that our house is starting to be a house πŸ˜…
4. Find out that you have a lot of friends and have good friends. life is very different
5. Episode Three: Life focuses on changing the world. When the number four changes, focus on changing yourself.
6. Find yourself more productive but takes less time
7. Hug your mother much easier and more often.
8. Begin to understand that time is more important than money. Use it with the people he deserves.
As far as I can imagine, this is approximately the same. If my destiny is up to number five, I will come to review again πŸ˜…
HBD to meeee ❀️

This event has friends, brothers and sisters in the industry and fans. Come join us to wish a lot of salt birthday this year.

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