Knocked! Laos-China train fares “Vientiane-Boten”, 1st floor, 1,500 baht per person

MGR Online – Ministry of Public Works and Transport Laos Approved the fares for the Lao-Chinese train that will be open for service on December 3, 1st class from Vientiane to Boten, 1,500 baht per person, 895 baht per person to Luang Prabang.

Today (Nov 30) all media in Laos have published fares for the Lao-China Railway, which will open for service on Friday, December 3, according to a notice issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Lao PDR No. 24016/YorKhor. Six dated 25 November that has been approved by the Department of Railways and announced this fare temporarily in the first phase of service.

Details of the one-way fare of medium-speed trains during key stations are as follows

Vientiane Capital – Boten (Destination)
1st class carriages 294 yuan per person or 529,000 kip or 1,510 baht
2nd class carriages each 185 yuan or 333,000 kip or 950 baht
The normal speed train fare is 132 yuan per person, or 238,000 kip or 680 baht.

Vientiane Capital – Luang Prabang
174 yuan per person, or 313,000 kip, or 895 baht.
2nd class carriages, 110 yuan per person, or 198,000 kip, or 565 baht
A normal high-speed train fare is 78 yuan or 140,000 kip or 400 baht per person.

Vientiane Capital – Vang Vieng
1st class car 91 yuan per person or 164,000 kip or 465 baht
2nd class carriages 57 yuan per person or 103,000 kip or 295 baht
The fare for normal high-speed trains is 41 yuan per person, or 74,000 kip or 210 baht.

The fare and freight schedule has been finalized.

The fare rates quoted Based on the market exchange rate in Laos at 1,800 Kip per 1 Yuan and 350 Kip per 1 baht, the fare at other stations See the table in the illustration.

As for the freight of Laos-China trains, it is charged at the rate of 0.6 yuan per 1 ton of cargo per 1 kilometer distance. Toei 394 kilometers or Vientiane Capital – Mueang Sai 339 kilometers, etc. (more details can be found in the table in the illustration)

In service on December 3, freight trains will operate twice a day from Vientiane South Terminal. Cross the border to Kunming Station.

As for the buses, the initial service will be provided only within the country route. Between Vientiane Capital Station to Boten Station only Due to the COVID-19 pandemic There are two train services per day.

while on the Chinese side Has opened a bus service. The China-Laos train runs from Kunming Station. to Bo Han Station (opposite Bo Ten) since November 29, along the way There are 18 stations in operation.

train station in china

Train from Kunming to Bohan

Staff uniforms on Lao-Chinese trains

Introductory clip of the bus On the Kunming-Bohan Railway



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