“Knot Maxim” in cooperation with the popular app Call Play organizes the Miss Sexy Thailand grand competition, drawing a sexy mother to add a hot army.

More than spicy, prepare to be amazed in an unexpected way Prepare to level the competition stage Sexy Thai girl is going to the world with the latest stage Miss Sexy Thailand 2023

will revolutionize the sexy women industry to make it hotter than ever in the concept of sexy never dying! Ready to spread to many countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, etc.

Miss Sexy Thailand 2023 guarantees the hottest with “Nut Maxim” or “Artist Kritin Chikit” The real mother of the Thai entertainment industry who used to push a sexy star Come to decorate many industries in a new role, the director of the Miss Sexy Thailand competition.

“As you can see, Nott has organized many competitions. But for this stage Miss Sexy Thailand said loudly that Knot really threw herself. Because the sexy girl Knot is the best The best is ready to create a new sexy star to decorate the industry.

Ms. Mongkol Praphakamon Chairman of the event and copyright holder of Miss Sexy Thailand and executive of the famous Call Play app that connects the new world. Share a lifestyle, say out loud that “our stage is definitely big. ready to revolutionize the sex industry Thai women continue to stand out on a global scale.”

beauty pageant receiving excellent training from the sexy mother of Thailand, leading the team in 3 styles from Bowie Attma Emphasis on Luxury,Pai Sitangsu Emphasis on gender and Mali Malinee Adelaide Coats Emphasis on Sports, all 5 coaches will cut it to make it very sexy. more level, team led Tokyo Olive Crispy Butter ,Ammy Maxim Rabbit Maxim, Amy Maxim, Eve Maxim

Real gift, real gift, 1st place Miss Sexy Thailand 2023 Miss Sexy Thailand Will be a presenter for the world-class app Call Play, will fly to Singapore to take photos. Total money with a total prize of 500,000 baht, the second place will be a presenter for the world famous app Call Play, will fly to Singapore to film the event. The total prize money amounts to 300,000 baht and the third place will be a presenter for the world famous app Call Play, flying to Singapore to film the event. Total money and prizes is 200,000 baht. The top 10 winners will receive a total of 30,000 baht in money and prizes.

The special prizes are as follows:

– Popular Vote

– Best Swimsuit

– Best Photogenic

– Best Multimedia

– Best Performance

in each special situation receive money and prizes totaling 70,000 baht, including various money and prizes Each job is more than 2,000,000 million baht.

Ready to hit! Miss Sexy Thailand 2023 must apply quickly. From today until February 5, 2023, you can follow the rules and application details urgently at

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