Know the Types of Dog Allergy Snacks

Allergies reduce the quality of life significantly! Unfortunately, allergies cannot be cured. Therefore, it is very important to identify the cause of the allergy properly and avoid it. What are the main causes of allergies in dogs? Let’s find out the types of dog allergy snacks together.

Causes and Symptoms of Dog Allergies

dog allergy treats

causes of dog allergies

There are many different causes of allergies in dogs. Food (fruit, meat, fish, grains, etc.), pollen, dust, mites, etc. are the causes. Among them, protein in meat or fish is a representative cause of allergy.

Therefore, if you suspect an allergy to your dog, you need to limit the type of food you feed and find out what is causing the allergy.


dog allergy symptoms

Dog allergy symptoms are mainly skin and digestive symptoms. Increased tear production, tear marks, skin redness, skin itching (chewing or scratching the skin), diarrhoea, vomiting and gas are typical.

Although less common, acute allergic symptoms such as anaphylaxis can lead to serious symptoms such as facial swelling, difficulty breathing, and shock.

dog allergy treats

3 Types of Dog Allergy Snacks

1. Hydrolyzed Snacks

As explained earlier, the representative cause of dog allergy is the protein in meat and fish. The process of breaking this protein into very small pieces is called hydrolysis. The size of the protein is so small that the body cannot recognize it, and an allergic reaction does not occur.

However, depending on the dog, an allergic reaction can occur even after hydrolysis. As such, hydrolysis products are not a perfect way to avoid allergic reactions. It is recommended to find the root cause of an allergy as much as possible and avoid it.

2. One protein snack or LID

A single protein snack that uses only one type of meat or fish is called a single protein snack. LID (Limited Ingredient Diet) means that the number of proteins is limited, and it means a product that uses only one or two proteins.

As these products are low in protein, they can help you find the cause of an allergy or avoid an allergic reaction.

3. Insect Protein Snacks

There are also dog treats that use insect proteins such as mealworms and beets. Allergic reactions mostly occur from commonly encountered protein sources, but it is known that insect proteins are very unlikely to cause allergies in dogs because they are new proteins.

Seioang LID Daily Treat

Seioang LID Daily Treat, good for preventing allergies

Seioang LID Daily Treat is a healthy premium dog snack that can help prevent allergies by using limited raw materials. It is a small size in a soft formulation, so it is good to feed every day without burden. The taste and smell of the raw material are alive, and the palatability is good.

Seioang LID Daily Treat

Great for allergy prevention! Hypoallergenic Insect flavors are also available.

Seioang dog treats are LID snacks with limited raw materials, which are good for preventing allergies. There are a total of 5 flavors to choose from, including chicken, beef, duck, salmon and fly. Insect Flavor is a product that uses Dongae deungae, an insect, and can reduce allergic reactions.

It is soft and tender, and it is easy to feed

Seioang LID Daily Treat has a soft and flexible texture. It is not hard, so even dogs with weak teeth and gums can eat it easily. Also, because it is soft, you can cut it by hand to make it smaller. Plus, it’s not hard to digest!

dog allergy treats

I like the deliciousness that uses the raw material

Because it is made using raw materials rather than powder, it has a good taste for dogs. The taste and smell of the ingredients are alive, and you can see the original water stuck in the treat. You can see the puppy shaking his butt because he wants to eat fast. 😁

Bite size, suitable for nose work and training

Seioang LID Daily Treats are small and great for nose work or training. There are very few crumbs, so it is especially recommended for nose work. If you feel the size is a bit big, break it with your hands and serve.

Seioang LID Daily Treat

It is a premium healthy snack without artificial colors and flavours.

Seioang LID Daily Treat is a premium dog treat that does not contain artificial colors and flavors with health in mind. Because the color of the raw material is revealed, the color of the snack may not be selected. You don’t have to worry about the deliciousness of the dog because the deliciousness of the dog is excellent even without flavoring agents!

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