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Knowing Bros New fixed member ‘extraordinary casting’, there is a riot now (+Comment response)

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A new fixed member joins JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’.

As news of the shocking casting spread, netizens could not hide their anticipation.

Seo Jang-hoon and Lee Sang-min / JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’

On the 28th, JTBC announced the news of joining as a new fixed member of ‘Knowing Bros’.

Kang Ho-dong
Kang Ho-dong
Kim Young-cheol
Kim Young-cheol
Lee Soo-geun
Lee Soo-geun

According to JTBC, comedian Lee Jin-ho will appear as a new older brother from the 304th episode of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’, which will be broadcast at 7:40 pm on Saturday, the 30th.

Accordingly, ‘Knowing Bros’ welcomes new students after 5 years since ‘Brother School’ was introduced in 2016 with Ho-dong Kang, Jang-hoon Seo, Young-cheol Kim, Su-geun Lee, Hee-cheol Kim, Kyung-hoon Min, and Lee Sang-min.

Jinho Lee's Instagram
Jinho Lee’s Instagram

Lee Jin-ho debuted in 2005 with SBS’s ‘Looking for You’. He has already visited ‘Knowing Bros’ several times as a transfer student and showed chemistry with the older brothers. Last July, he replaced Kim Young-chul as Il-il older brother.

Regarding Lee Jin-ho’s joining, ‘Knowing Bros’ PD Choi Chang-soo said, “I recently celebrated the 300th episode and thought it was time for a new transfusion of blood. Lee Jin-ho not only goes with the format of his brother’s school, but also creates synergy when he is with the older brothers. Lee Jin-ho, who joins the team as the new maknae, will come with a fresh wind.”

Kyunghoon Min / JTBC
Min Kyung-hoon / JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’

In the 304th episode of ‘Knowing Bros’ on the 30th, Kyunghwan Heo, Youngjin Park, Dooyoung Kim, Yongmyung Kim, Eunhyung Lee, Jaejoon Kang, etc.

Netizens generally expressed anticipation for the news of Lee Jin-ho’s joining. At this point, there was also a reaction that it would be good to replace the uninteresting ‘Knowing Bros’ fixed member.

This is a comment posted on the 28th community Theku.

Community Duck
Community Duck


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