‘Knowing Bros’, who suffered from sluggish ratings… Finally made a bold decision

JTBC’s signature entertainment show ‘Knowing Bros’, which has recently been experiencing a severe slump in ratings, is changing the programming time again. The schedule has been changed from the 20th, and ‘Knowing Bros’ airs on Saturdays at 8:40 pm.

‘Knowing Bros’ member Kang Ho-dong / hereinafter JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’

‘Knowing Bros’ changed the broadcast time from 9 pm on Saturday to 7:40 pm on Saturday from September 4th. It seems that the intention was to raise the ratings by placing ‘Knowing Bros’ at an earlier time. However, after changing the broadcast time, the ratings began to drop sharply.

In the end, in the episode aired on September 11th, the ratings dropped to 1.9%. ‘Knowing Bros’ had maintained an audience rating of 3-4% before the change in programming, but it has not recovered its ratings after the broadcast time changed.

Recently, comedian Jin-ho Lee was introduced as a new member, but there was no significant result. In the end, it is expected to return to the familiar time zone at 8:40 pm on Saturday and aim for a rebound in ratings.

In the 307th episode of Knowing Bros, whose broadcast time has been changed, 8 leaders who gained popularity in the Mnet audition program ‘Street Woman Fighter’ will appear. The 8 members of the ‘Swoopa Leaders’, who showed both dance and entertainment, will have a dance battle with their brothers for the best dance titles.

Attention is paid to whether ‘Knowing Bros’, which has brought in all-time guests along with the change of the programming time, will succeed in rebounding in viewership ratings.




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