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Knows life outside the screen “Num Kanchai” has no friends, used to panic, didn’t leave the house for 1 year, almost depressed because of covid.

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Known as one of the most influential people in Thailand now for “Young Kanchai KammutPloy”The godfather on the show Woody FM of “Woody Wuthithon Milintachinda” The young man told about his working life. Ready to reveal life behind the TV screen in front of people to be influential, know everything, be friends with people in almost every industry. But behind the scenes is a person who has no friends. and had a panic disorder Haven’t left the house for a year and almost recently suffered from depression because of the accumulated stress from the Covid-19 situation.
“Young Kanchai” shows that when you are constantly with something. Consequently, it’s definitely getting results. Is it like that?
“Part of it is like that. Like a person who thinks over and over and over and over. It is an experience that will be seen and harvested. to feel that this must be done This doesn’t have to be Used to bring this person to talk on the show, making him look like a clown. Everyone laughs, but he doesn’t laugh like this. These are all experiences. Before doing anything, raise your hand to apologize to him first if you have done something wrong. There will be a lot of different methods added to life.”
Remember the first day at the current node list. Can it be broadcast?
“That day was very exciting. It’s like we’re working in a new place. It’s like proving yourself as well. because it is ours The first day, it had to find guests for sure about the hard talk show. Must be able to invite guests Whenever we get a guest it’s an issue that’s on trend. We were presented first. We were winners. I remember that day as a story about a sister who was killed and then mutilated. how to prepare Everything seemed to go smoothly, but in each question, I knew it was a whirl. Viewers may not feel it, but we know. Always know what we are asking. and then we go back to the original place Well, it’s exciting, new place, new scene, like carrying everything. I have to say that I’m excited about every tape that guests make. There is no tape that doesn’t get excited.”
There’s a certain feeling when we do interviews on TV shows. Before we walk into the scene, we will know whether today will be great or not. Like it senses something like that?
“I wouldn’t have expected each tape at all. because I assumed the expectation each time When it doesn’t, then regret it. Used to expect, but when the time is over, this tape must be good, it must be ok, but when we sit down, we can’t control the villagers. The villagers never appeared on TV, never met us, only saw them on TV. When counting 5 4 3 2, they couldn’t speak, they couldn’t answer, so we had to take them. This is what we expected to be good but at the time it wasn’t.

when it can’t go My mind was very worried back then. Because it is a live program, sometimes I will not talk to the guest first with very few tapes. When it arrives, I will meet with him first. Because I had to read the news first before going to the interview. Therefore, there is no time for me to talk to him. When faced with a case like this, I don’t know what he is. which might wake up the camera Excited to talk to us or something? must try to do whatever it takes to get it When the brakes go to rub the back It’s okay to talk like we’re brothers. Today you have to speak for your child. If you don’t speak for your child, no one can help. Your child is dead and we must seek justice for your child. He will have a grunt. Most of the time if the guest blanks in the first break then the second break is good because it seems like we’ve dissolved the behavior with him first after the break.”

If you could choose 1 person you would like to interview the most, who would that person be?
“Prime Minister”
If compared to everything that has been done in the industry, is this the happiest waking up at the moment?
“I like to do this. It seems like there might still be a fire, very happy, but ask me if I’m tired, so tired. Earlier, we woke up at 5:30 and looked for the news ourselves. see the news source If I get a guest, I’ll talk to the guest first. After that go to the meeting channel. The meeting is over, read the news. Continue reading the news with the current node. My life is like this every day.”
What do you do in your free time?
“Watch movies, watch series, play with Mayu, that is, he will know that it is our free time. But if it was a working day, he would know. will not interfere with us at all.”
Monday-Friday, do you have time to talk to your child? Where do you find time?
“Call and talk. Some days I leave the house early in the morning. Mayu, he went out to study. I went to work and didn’t meet. I’ll come back home around 3-4 PM. I’m going back to my house and I’m asleep.”
What “Young Kanchai” cherishes the most in life?

When was the last time you cried?
“Recently, it suddenly cried out, feeling suppressed, that it had symptoms like a person suffering from depression. due to the stress of covid is to live with it every day Interviews almost every day. We see them every day. We make beds for people who are sick almost every day. People will be sent to all channels. We kept trying until one day we felt the worst. Well, one of the sisters texted me and told me to find a bed for my mother. My mom is infected with covid. You can’t take it anymore. It was done after he texted us 3 hours later we tried to contact 3 hours later. After we got the bed He sent it to tell us that it was okay. My mom is dead. Thank you. You’re the only one who answered me. Do we feel that our lives are only 4 hours? it’s so scary I started to whine and felt that we couldn’t help him. I feel like it’s getting in a bit.

In until he fell asleep and woke up shaking. But when I first open my eyes, it’s about Home Isolation, about the sick, it winks in my head. Get up and want to cry and we can’t take it. So immediately phoned a psychiatrist. Ask your doctor if your symptoms are like this. I haven’t wanted to eat anything for days. I don’t feel like talking to anyone I want to be alone in the dark So the doctor said that if I had depression it would have 9 items. If I had 5 items, I would have been depression for more than 4 items. The doctor said that my symptoms before depression would go into the panic phase first. I haven’t slept at all, it’s been terrible for the last 10 -20 days. It’s just getting better now.”
If covid is cured from the disease, the first thing you will do is ?
When is the sex of “Young Kanchai” in full 10?
Among the things that are happening to the country right now, which one makes you feel sorry, why is it like this?
“I feel that nowadays there is only waiting. we pity others I feel that everyone is waiting waiting to survive Waiting for the disease to go away Waiting to die or not, to get addicted, just wait and wait for the vaccine. How will life go?
When it came to the question game session, “Woody” had already read the sentimental message. Kanchai told me about what phase of his life this message will occur. Oh! The happiest ever! Born worth it! What will you think of?
“This child, because I feel that when I have Mayu I’m so happy Well, it made me think why my past life was so cheesy. If there is a child Has Mayu since the beginning It could be better Life would be happier than it used to be I used to think that in the past I was very happy, but when we have Mayu I’m happier than I’ve ever been Therefore, it can be answered that Mayu is really the joy of my life.”
What is it about “Young Kanchai” that has clearly changed since having a child?
“I rarely look at myself that anything has changed. But I myself have been like this for a long time. Just that people may not see us as we are today. to feel that we have changed But if people know us before He will know that he hasn’t changed. we are like this You will know that the past and today are the same. Only today has the opportunity to do more than before. Simply put, our voice is louder than before.

When we say something, people will listen more than before. But people tend to look at us in the past as flirting. a mischievous person Today, he saw more concrete than before. And when we have children, they see that we have changed, but really not. Asking if I like women these days, I still like it. Seeing beautiful women, I still look at it, but we are more restrained. That’s all. Not like before when you were beautiful, I only flirted with you.”
Do you still remember when you were flirting?
“Remember, it was furious before. When we have a child today, everything is afraid of falling on our daughter. I’m afraid that you will meet a man like me.”
later feelings It’s done! Found a way out, what do you think?
“Working, working has something for us to solve every day. and will have this word every day almost every day that we have to meet.”
later feelings Why is life like this?
“It must be covids. Now, why do you have to sit and wear a mask and read the news? Why do you have to go and buy snacks to eat and then spray alcohol on your hands? Why do we have to talk to Woody far from each other? From where we used to hug when we met face to face Why can’t we today? until it becomes a habit Today, when I read the news, I took off my mask and felt strange. I felt strange when I saw my face in the mirror. Because life is only half the page Today, half of the face is put on.”
The life of “Young Kanchai” throughout the journey from entering the industry until today has gone through all forms. must use the word that our duty must be neutral Does being a medium really have this word?
“It’s very little, as they say, maybe there’s not much neutrality. But there must be fairness Sometimes neutrality asks if we try to keep it as neutral as possible. what is the middle is to try to listen to both sides, but in the end, there must be fairness to the person he lost. The person he felt was accused.”
Everything about “Young Kanchai”, we have seen it all. Is there an angle that we haven’t seen yet?
“Well, actually, I’m not a very talkative person. don’t like talking to anyone My daily life will be idle. rarely go out with friends I have no friends There are no coworkers.”
“Mod Dam” (Kachapa Tancharoen) is considered to be a co-worker?
“Yes, I didn’t call and talk to the black ants. In the past, we called and talked almost every day. But now we don’t talk much. It might be because of different people. They have their own time to do other things. And one more thing, as it grows, everything becomes saturated. I feel like I don’t have to talk to anyone.”
So what did you think about having friends before? With today that it has changed?
“I don’t have any friends. I am a person without friends What does Woody’s friend mean? A close friend, a friend who has something to call, talks to, eats, goes to nightlife. I don’t have any. I rarely talk to anyone. Tell me to quarantine for 14 days or stay still, I can live without suffering. I’ve never left the house for a year in my life. never went out, used to be there.”
What happened then?
“If they call it Panic Disorder these days, I don’t leave the house for a year. I remember driving away and it was stuck in the middle of the road. Suddenly my heart was beating, thump, and my whole body was numb. I feel like I’m going to die. I’m dizzy. I leave the car. I call the person at home to come and see the doctor. After that every time I can’t drive.

I wash my hair after washing my hair, come to lie down and think about it for a while, my body is numb, my heart is trembling, I can’t breathe well, I go to the hospital, I don’t dare to wash my hair for about 7-8 months, I don’t wash my hair, so I’m afraid it will happen again. don’t dare to leave the house dare not stay in the car I don’t dare everything, I can’t pee, I have to breathe like this. it is a lot I have been for a long time, more than 10 years ago.”
Listening to “Young Kanchai” explaining the panic, made “Woody” cry and pour out his own feelings that he had this symptom as well. It has been 2 years and it has not recovered. When you come home, ask yourself why it has to happen to us. Maybe I’m sitting for an interview and it’s coming. Trying to find a doctor to find a solution. Why do you feel that you don’t have the potential to go out and meet the same people? I just want to stay at home And I don’t understand why it has to be us who cried because they felt that we weren’t the only ones, Young Kanchai and many others around us used to be

Then “Woody” asked the young man how he passed. And how tortured that year was?
“Oh, how terribly tortured. As I said, I suddenly became numb, I couldn’t breathe, my heart was pounding as if my heart would break. The body is everything. It’s the fear of death But I will tell Woody one thing, this disease has never killed anyone. No one died from this disease. I stayed at home for over a year until I finally went to see a psychiatrist. In the past, I had never visited for a year because I didn’t want to take medicine. Until finally I feel like I can’t take it anymore Because I want to leave the house, want to travel, want to meet women.

Finally go to the doctor The doctor gave me a bag of pills. Young man took this pill. Then in another year, Khun Young will be able to leave the house. I can’t feel it anymore. then throw that pill in the trash. feel in my heart that Excuse me for coming because I want to leave the house right now. not another year It means that I have to stay in the house for 2 years. That’s enough. I left the medicine and drove to my friend at Chulalongkorn University. I thought in my head that if I die, die! but can’t stay Can’t live with what’s going on like this

Driving with symptoms, but what do you want? The trembling body drove. until you meet a friend I talked to my friends for fun. I lost when I found something else that influences our lives. I feel that I can’t think of it. Whenever we turn to look at the scar, we know that we have been cut by a knife. But if we don’t pay attention, it’s not in our thoughts.”
Hearing that, “Woody” said that he was inspired that this year he would disappear. “Young Kanchai” replied that…
“Lost Woody, who we are. or the person who is currently You didn’t think for yourself. Just as others think it’s just thinking, it’s crazy, not because it’s caused by a chemical in the brain that secretes the wrong way. And so it makes us like this. But here we can overcome it with only our hearts, but this disease will never kill anyone, I’m sure.”

If someone who has already seen it feels that my life is still stuck Still haven’t found what’s right, what would you like to tell him?
“Don’t look down on yourself. I don’t want every People look down on themselves is in a state of being unable to do anything I believe that in a human being, if one intends to do something believe it can carry itself must not be discouraged by it Understand everything, problems that may arise, may discourage many people today, do not think short. Don’t try to do something that is too late. be able to be with yourself and believe that everything will pass

I myself have been fighting all the time. before coming to work until today Until I was able to stay here, I was hit by people in Nakhon Ha, who said that I had been scolded by many people. It’s not a real medium, it’s an artificial medium. It’s not the media that doesn’t know what to define. There is a lot Just that we should not take those words as our problem. We just take what they say as our own motivation. that one day we have to do it and I think it will pass.”


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