Ko Min-jung “Are you going to summon Kim Gun-hee?” Han Dong-hoon “I will deal with it according to the law”

On the 19th, Rep. Ko Min-jung of the Democratic Party of Korea and Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon had a fierce battle of words during a comprehensive policy inquiry by the Special Committee on Budget and Settlement of the National Assembly on the 19th.

On this day, for the 15 minutes given as a question-and-answer session, Assemblyman Koh threw questions to one minister, mentioning the Ministry of Industry’s blacklist, the Deutsche Motors stock price manipulation case, and Yoo Woo-seong’s espionage manipulation case.

Referring to the case of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, which the prosecution conducted a search and seizure, Assemblyman Koh said, “It seems to be progressing at a very fast pace.” Minister Han said, “Actually, it is more accurate to say that this is a very late case rather than a fast one because it is a few years old.” answered.

Rep. Ko said, “There is also an opinion that a political investigation will be carried out again.” He asked, “Do you have the will to strictly investigate the dead power?”

To this, Minister Han replied, “I think the investigation should be the same even if the name of the person involved is obscured.” In response to the question, “How would you conduct an investigation into the living power,” he said, “The basic principle of democracy is to be fair regardless of whether the subject of the crime is the strong or the weak.”

Rep. Ko then asked, “Are you going to investigate Kim Gun-hee?” Minister Han replied, “The investigation is already underway and there is a lot going on.

Assemblyman Koh then said, “In order to finish the matter, we have to summon the person concerned.” Minister Han said, “There are several methods of investigation. The prosecution will take appropriate action in accordance with the law.” To the point that the investigation of Mrs. Kim should be conducted fairly, he replied, “It’s too natural.”

Reporter Yoo-kyung Jo, Donga.com polaris27@donga.com

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