Ko So-young’s daughter, her beauty looks just like her mother… She’s also a beauty from the side

[OSEN=박판석 기자] Actress Ko So-young boasted a face the size of a sunflower.

On the 27th, Ko So-young posted a picture of her family outing on her SNS.

Ko So-young is standing in a sunflower field and smiling brightly. The size of a face similar to that of a sunflower surprises the viewer. In another photo, Ko So-young is posing affectionately with her daughter. The beauty of her daughter looking at her Ko So-young also stands out. She showed off her slim figure in a pink top and blue shorts.

Ko So-young appeared in the 2017 drama ‘Perfect Wife’ and is said to be reviewing her next work. /pps2014@osen.co.kr

Ko So-young SNS

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