Kochi to Sharjah Air Arabia flight emergency landing in cochin airport due to machine failure | The Air Arabia flight was immediately returned to Kochi Airport

Kochi : From Kochi to Sharjah (Kochi to Sharjah) Departing Air Arabia (Air Arabia) The plane was immediately returned. Departure at 3.55am with 212 passengers on board G9 426 The plane was immediately identified (Emergency Landing).

The airline said the return was due to a mechanical failure. The plane returned within ten minutes of taking off.

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Air Arabia said the passengers, pilot and crew members on board were safe and the passengers were transferred to the hotel. Attempts to resolve the issue are ongoing.

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He left for Dammam at the Thiruvananthapuram airport on July 31 last month And Air India Express aircraft He was immediately returned following the crash. The plane was brought back that day following a crack found in the windshield of the plane.

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