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Kodanad Family Health Center does not have enough staff

Thursday, July 7, 2022 12:52 AM IST

Perumbavoor: At Kotanad Family Health Center in Koovapady Panchayat, Shortage of nurses and farmers. Due to this, the operations of the hospital and seven health centers were disrupted. Lai. Cheranallur, Koovapady, Alatuchira, Kurichillakod, Padikalappa Pratisha is the activities of the health centers named Ra, Aimuri Kotanad. In Ndhi.
After seeing a doctor and getting a prescription for medicine, hours for other services Have to wait. Activities to be done under the leadership of nurses are now expected. Mara does it. Due to this, many mistakes are possible.

Stay alert during flu and communicable diseases and the spread of covid The BJP Panchayat Committee blames the health department for making a huge failure. created The meeting demanded that the problem be solved immediately. BJP Panchayat Committee President P.T. Gopakumar presided. Devachan Padayat, M. Sunilkumar, Shibu Raj, Avarachan Aluka, K. Sathyapal, Muralidharan Vadakumpilly, Leena Shibu, Omna Ravindran, Hari Koovapady, V.K. Soman spoke.

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