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Koduvalli gold smuggling gang behind | Alappuzha woman abducted | gold smuggling racket

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Mannar (Alappuzha): Police said that a young woman who had returned from abroad was abducted from her house on the instructions of a gold smuggling gang. It was also revealed that the reason for the abduction was that the gold given to the woman did not reach the traders in Kerala. Binoy’s wife Bindu (39) was abducted by an unidentified group at a strange address at Kottuvila, Kurattikkad, Mannar.

While in Dubai, the woman, who was friends with some members of the gold smuggling gang, was used as a carrier to smuggle gold into Kerala. This time only 1.5 kg of gold was given to the woman. The woman said she left the gold at the airport for fear of being caught. But the gold smuggling team was not ready to believe this.

The group demanded gold or cash. It was also learned that the gang members had reached Mannar at the same time as the woman was returning home from abroad. The group stayed in and around Mannar for three days with the help of some people in the area. The police are currently investigating only the case of abduction of the girl.

Based on this report, it is expected that other agencies, including Customs, will soon be investigating the gold smuggling. The woman, who was brought to Mannar at night, was released by the police along with her relatives after recording her statement. There are indications that some people who helped the kidnapping gang have been taken into custody.

Bindu, who had previously worked in Qatar, returned home and went to Dubai on a visitor’s visa 40 days ago in search of work. He returned on the 19th. In the meanwhile, some people went to Kurattikatte’s house several times in search of Bindu. On the 20th, Rajesh went home and demanded gold.

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When Bindu told him that no one had given him the gold, Rajesh returned saying that the man had changed. Then some came asking for gold. A group of about 15 people surrounded the house at around 1.30 am yesterday. They asked, but the door did not open, so they broke down the front door with deadly weapons and went inside.

Bindu, who was knocking on the door and calling the police, was abducted by the gang after breaking down the door. Bindu’s mother Jagadamma was injured in the attack. Nine people, including Bindu’s husband and brother, were at home at the time but could not resist. Bindu’s mobile phone was thrown away by the gang and taken away.

Police arrived at the house half an hour after the violence. The abducted group left Binduva on the way to Mudappallur near Palakkad North. 1000 was also given to Bindu. Bindu, who was in critical condition, called an autorickshaw and reached Vadakkancherry station. The woman was rushed to Alathur Taluk Hospital where she was treated.

He was then taken to Mannar on the instructions of the Alappuzha district police chief. The family members complained that the Kozhikode Koduvalli based group was behind the violence. Scientific experts and a police dog arrived at the scene and conducted an inspection. Bindu told reporters that there were four people in the vehicle in which he was abducted and that they demanded money.

English Summary: Kidnappers demanded money says Alappuzha woman: one Arrested


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