Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja released a new update for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Friday, 10th March, 2023 10:33:35 am Indochina time

Tecmo Cows a Team Ninja release version 1.03 update for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty That includes important bug fixes and adjustments for online multiplayer.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the spiritual successor of the franchise. Noh of game genres hack-and-slash type Soul-like from developers like Team Ninja In the game, players will follow the story of an unknown militia during the Han Dynasty of ancient China. and challenge legendary warriors like Lu Bu a Sun Jian

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Received positive feedback from players with mixed reviews from critics And in this new update it will fix some of the issues of the game from the release date by update 1.03 of The Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty which has been published on Tweet official game Available now for the game version. PC, PS4 a PS5 in which version Xbox It will be updated to 1.03 in the next few days.

The latest update allows guest players to skip the cutscene and exit the session after a boss fight. And the update will fix a bug that prevents getting achievements/trophies. Awakening of the Immoral Hero Additionally, mouse camera controls and graphics settings have been improved to improve the overall player experience in online multiplayer. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Bugs related to saving data transferred from the version Demo oh Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty It is also installed. Originally, the game ran into an issue where some equipment in the inventory would lose their special effects. and the player cannot progress through encounters with Zhao Yun in Two Chivalrous Heroes Yes, if you are transferring data recorded from Demo Come to the full game This is now fixed. Demo It has also been improved to prevent further problems with inventory devices.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One a Xbox Series X/S


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