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Islamabad: Virat Kohli is one of the best players in contemporary cricket. The former Indian captain, who was out of form for some time, is once again putting on a spectacular performance on the field. Kohli, who struggled without a century for three years, scored a century against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup cricket competition. It was also Kohli’s first century in Twenty20 Internationals. The player has scored three centuries in the last seven ODI matches. If he scores three more centuries in ODIs, Kohli will join Sachin Tendulkar’s feat of other centuries. Sachin Tendulkar has 49 ODI centuries.

Senior Pakistani cricketer Khurram Mansoor has come out with a claim that he is a better player than Virat Kohli. The Pakistani batsman claims that his achievements in List A cricket are higher than those of Virat Kohli. Mansoor has played 16 Tests, seven ODIs and three Twenty20 matches for Pakistan. The player last played for the Pakistan national team in 2016. Mansoor also clarified that the aim is not to compare himself with Virat Kohli.

“Whoever is in the top 10 in 50-over cricket, I’m number one. Virat Kohli who scores a century every six innings is behind me. I have scored a century in every 5.68 innings I have played. It’s a world record. My average score for the last ten years is 53. If you consider List A cricket, I am the fifth best player in the world.”- Mansoor told the sports media.

Mansoor also claimed that despite his brilliance in domestic cricket, the selectors were giving him trouble. “I scored 24 centuries in the last 48 innings. From 2015 till now, my score is higher than anyone who has opened for Pakistan. I am also Pakistan’s leading scorer in Twenty20 matches. Yet they avoid me.

English Summary: Virat Kohli Is Behind Me: Pakistani Batsman Makes Shocking Claim

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