‘Kohli was on the verge of tears on the day he scored his century’; Samantha

News18 Malayalam | May 13, 2023, 6:24 PM IST

The player says Kohli’s 71st century is very special to him


South Indian star Samantha talks about idolizing former Indian captain Virat Kohli. The player says Kohli’s 71st century is very special to him. Samantha’s revelation was during an interview. The actor says that Virat Kohli is always an inspiration.

Samantha says she was on the verge of tears when Kohli scored a century after a gap of three years. Kohli scored his 71st career century in the 2022 Asia Cup.

“At one stage, Virat lost his form. He also faced a lot of criticism. Then Kohli came back big,” said Samantha.

Samantha pointed out that Kohli doesn’t think the century is just for him, but also for those around him. Samantha explained. The actor says that he likes Mahendra Singh Dhoni and that’s why Chennai Super Kings is his favorite team.

Virat Kohli scored his 71st career century against Afghanistan, ending a century drought of more than a thousand days. After taking a break from cricket in July-August 2022, Kohli made a grand comeback.

Samantha’s upcoming film is Khushi with Vijay Devarakonda. Siva Nirvana, who produced films like ‘Majili’ and ‘Tuck Jagadish’, is writing the story, screenplay and direction of the film.


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