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KOLKATA: Alipore Avenue police and a 70-year-old dementia patient, who went out of her house on Thursday night only to forget her way back, were reunited by her New police with her family after several hours. The police walked almost an hour late at night in the lanes and lanes that Alipore Avenue sought for a nameplate “Kajaria” until they got her husband worried and anxious. The children of the elderly couple, who stay abroad, arrived on Friday to New Alipore copies to express their personal gratitude through Skype, also telling them how dissatisfied and dissatisfied they were until their mother returned home late. night.

Before the jars, however, Biswajit Das was a resident of Durgapur Colony, 41 years of age, who noticed the woman, who was anxious and tired, standing next to P Poddar Hospital. It was evening and it was dark early. “She looked very tired and she told me, that I lost my house,” said Das. “I took it casually. I told her back, aunt, the place where he is, you are lost. And then I realized she was crying. I felt very bad to myself. She looked from the right family. She had a gold chain on her neck with a diamond pendant, gold bangs and rings. I tried to sit down, offered me water and asked her name. She wanted to remember that, she looked at stress. Then she transformed some numbers. The first set of numbers was an incorrect number. And then she kept saying 13-14 digits. I was afraid of her. And I didn't think it was safe at all to put her out in a taxi when she demanded, ”said Das. So he informed the New Alipore police.

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When the older woman was taken to the police station and was made to sit, she could remember “Kajaria” after a while. Police could not track one missing case, thus matching its data into a central server. At the same time, the New Alipore AD Amit Shankar Mukherjee sent his photo in various local groups WhatsApp which he is a member of. An official said that the only Kajaria they could immediately remember was the Kajaria Tile office in the vicinity. The Cops first approached them as they wanted to connect with other Kajaria families. They provided some lead in the Alipore Avenue area. Meanwhile, Mukherjee began getting some answers from people who said she belonged to a family in Alipore Avenue. “But no one could give us a specific address,” said an official. So, along with the police officers who were drawing, the woman was brought to the Alipore Avenue area. “She couldn't catch the road immediately, so we kept checking the name plates along the lengths,” said an official.

After searching, took nearly 50 minutes, the police got the nameplate they were looking for at 2J Alipore Avenue, which fell under Alipore police station. The woman also recognized her house and her step into. When she was inside she was reunited with her very worried husband. “Her very old husband told us that his wife had suffered dementia. After she found her, they were looking for her around. They were joking to get in touch with the police for help, ”said an official. “The husband was very helpful. It is, very old too, and all their children remain outside of Kolkata. Together they were anxious, ”said the official. On Friday morning, Mukherjee received a call from Skype from the woman's son, who personally thanked him for helping to give her home mother.

The woman could be in the initial stages of dementia or be suffering until transient amnesia ', according to Arindam Biswas, international consultant RN Tagore of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS). “Transient amnesia stimulates temporary memory loss. He keeps repeated but he could not eat. A sudden loss of memory could also be a sign of dementia. If there is dementia then the bouts will go longer and stiffer, ”said Biswas.


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