Kompet Fairtex Aims to Break Undefeated Streak of Kongchai Chai Donmueang at ONE Lumpini

BREAKING: Kompet Fairtex Aims to End Unbeaten Streak of Kongchai Chai Donmueang at ONE Lumpini

September 6, 2023, 14:07

In a highly anticipated matchup, Kompet Fairtex is set to take on the undefeated Kongchai Chai Donmueang at ONE Lumpini. With the hopes of stealing the spotlight from his opponent, the 23-year-old Muay Thai sensation from Ya Mo Korat is ready to showcase his skills in the ring.

Kompet Fairtex is no stranger to challenging himself, and facing the formidable Kongchai is a test he gladly accepts. The 20-year-old southpaw fighter from Buriram has yet to taste defeat in his promising career, boasting an impressive four-fight winning streak.

Scheduled to compete in the strawweight division (115-125 lbs.) at the Ek Suek ONE Lumpini 32 on Friday, September 8, at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra), fans can expect an electrifying clash between these two rising stars.

Known as the “Korat Wound,” Kompet possesses extraordinary power and an unrivaled determination. Fearless and relentless, he aims to showcase his superior punching prowess against Kongchai. Admittedly, Kompet thrives on challenges, always seeking to topple opponents who are considered superior. Armed with an arsenal of techniques, he promises to deliver an entertaining fight.

“I thrive when facing formidable opponents. I enjoy fighting boxers who are in top shape, and Kongchai fits the bill. If I can put an end to his winning streak, all eyes will be on me. How exciting would that be? If he doesn’t come forward, I will go after him. And even if I have to back up, I will utilize all my weapons to fight fiercely, ensuring an exhilarating showdown,” said Kompet.

With his sights set on bigger opportunities, Kompet aims to shine on the grand stage of ONE Championship. He acknowledges that defeating Kongchai would propel him towards his ultimate goal. While he understands that it is reasonable for fans to doubt his abilities in a three-round format bout, he remains undeterred. Kompet believes that a victory against Kongchai will open doors for him to compete in high-profile international clashes.

“I see this fight as a stepping stone to bigger things. If I can overcome Kongchai, I will have the chance to compete in ONE’s high-stakes battles. This would be a tremendous opportunity for me, especially as a foreign fighter. Ready to take on anyone, it will only further fuel my drive. While I’m confident in winning a five-round fight, I believe that a three-round battle will be equally exhilarating,” expressed Kompet.

Be sure to catch the action-packed showdown between Kompet Fairtex and Kongchai Chai Donmueang at ONE Lumpini. The event can be streamed live on (in select countries), Facebook & YouTube ONE (in select countries), as well as on Channel 7HD Press 35 (Thai language). The event kicks off at 8:30 pm.

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ONE Lumpini: Kompet Fairtex is looking to stop the record of winning in a row, Kongchai Chai Donmueang, a pair of Ek Suek ONE Lumpini 32 .

Date 6 September 2023 time 14:07

“Kompet”, the more difficult to face, the more he likes to challenge the undefeated “Kongchai” at ONE Lumpinee, hoping to win and make boxing fans focus on themselves instead of “Kompett Fairtex” Muay Thai. Right Angle, 23 years old, from the city of Ya Mo Korat Let’s get back to fighting in the rules of Muay Thai. Against the skill of a strong form fighter, “Kongchai Chaidonmueang”, a 20-year-old left-handed boxer from Buriram, who makes excellent results, undefeated for 4 fights in a row. By being ready to fight in the strawweight version (115 – 125 lbs.) on the sign of Ek Suek ONE Lumpini 32 on Friday, September 8 at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra). Clip ONE Lumpini, June 30, 2023, pair Kompet Fairtex vs Hua Xiaolong Kompet vs Hua (June 30, 2023) The owner of the nickname “Korat Wound” has extraordinary power and determination ready to face the pair. A punch that is stronger than “Kongchai” without fear Raise himself as a type of boxer who likes to face challenges and wants to knock down superior people. Let’s have a lot of weapons to make the fighting game come out as fun as possible. “I’m the type of person who, when I meet a strong class fighter, the happier I am. I like to fight with boxers who are in good shape. Now, Kongchai is in good shape. If I stop his record, everyone will look at me instead. What kind? If he doesn’t walk towards me, I will walk towards him. But if he was the one walking in and I had to back up I will still use many weapons to fight fiercely. So that the pictures of the fighting game come out to be fun first. “Kompet vs Kongchai Now, “Kompett” has set a goal, if “Kongchai” can stop the heat, he wants a chance to shine in the Battle of ONE. Chips are the same As for the boxing fans who see their themselves inferior, if encountered in a 3-round format, it is understandable. Because there is a reasonable experience “If I can beat Kongchai in this fight, my goal is to go fight in the ONE big fight. Especially if it I’m a foreign fighter, now I’m ready to meet everyone. Because it will make me feel more challenging. Because if it’s a 5-round fight, I’m very confident that I’ll definitely win, but it can fight 3 rounds happen. I think it’s definitely fun to fight. (some countries), Facebook & YouTube ONE (some countries) and on Channel 7HD Press 35 (Thai language) starting at 8 :30 pm Follow ONE Championship and ONE Lumpini at: Live Channel ONE Mpinee – Weather : [เริ่มเวลา 19.30 น.]
– YOUTUBE : [เริ่มเวลา 19.30 น.]
– Channel 7HD press 35 / BUGABOO.TV website and application [เริ่มเวลา 20.30 น.]

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