“Kong” Somkiat Chantra, a heroic rider who awakens the world’s motorsport fever.

The motorsport trend is becoming the most popular in Thailand. When the world’s best competition “Moto GP” travels to a thrilling showdown at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province, between September 30 and October 2.

For “OR Thailand Grand Prix 2022” is not only meaningful for Thailand. As the host of the world’s best motorsport competitions

But it also means a lot to “Kong” Somkiat Chantra, Thai rider from the “Honda Race to the Dream” project, number 35, who will also compete in his home town.

“Kong” Somkiat, this name, became very well known in 2022 from the hottest results in the “Moto GP” model of the MotoGP world championship through the first 16 races of this year. Victory in Indonesia, 2nd in Argentina, 3rd place in France, and most recently, 2nd in Austria.

The Moto2 route of the 4th year of “Chao Kong” must say that it is not sprinkled with rose petals. As it was only the first pitch in Qatar, he was injured. until unable to compete

but after having an operation “very little finger”, just under 2 weeks, won the first victory in his life in Adonis, making history as the first Thai rider That can be done in the competition at the “World Grand Prix” level

this success He helped awaken the trend of Thai motor sports so much that the name “Kong” Somkiat Chantra became a “hero” of Thai sports fans overnight.

The injury has not yet healed. favorite Thai rider continues to grab the podium In Argentina, second, after a great fight with Celestino Vietti

However, a young Thai rider must face a tough test of 3 pointless courts in a row In the United States, Portugal and Serquito de Jerez in Spain, which are the three fields that have a podium.

But this is the “test” that every world-class rider must face. and pass it on in the world’s highest competition

Under the expectation of Thai fans, Somkiat threw “disappointment” behind and kept “mistakes” to strengthen himself again. and the effort is not wasted When Thai riders manage to grab the podium It came for the 3rd time, surpassing opponents from the 10th grid and coming up to 3rd at the Le Mans Circuit in France.

Then “Kong Kong” dropped the error in the race. And control the speed well to prevent a mistake and losing a point easily. before returning to the podium again at the Red Bull Ring, Austria, with 2nd place after chasing hard with teammate Ai Okura until the last corner

It is undeniable that “Kong” Somkiat Chantra created an important phenomenon for the Thai sports industry. and continues to create a trend in motorsport that continues to grow

Consolidating the success of the “Honda Race to the Dream” project which aims to bring Thai riders Ascend to MotoGP in 2025

Recently, “Kong” Somkiat has traveled to a speed duel in “Home Race” in front of Thai speed fans.

His ultimate goal was a home win. Is the dream of the Thai people in the whole country, and this is a “Thai cyclist” named “Kong” Somkiat Chantra, who really makes a new page of history.

Somkiat Chantra travels to the elephants of the International Circuit, Buriram Province to prepare for the team Before entering the training program and competing in the qualifying round on Saturday, October 1, before the final speed contest On Sunday 2 October.

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