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Konni: MBBA in Government Medical College this academic year Fast Track Procedures for Obtaining Study Permit KU Janeesh Kumar MLA.

Abnormalities highlighted in the first examination by the National Medical Commission He decided to set up an academic block and asked for permission. The first year MBBS admission process will begin this year. The MLA said she hopes it will be included in Konni as well. The aim is to gain admission in 100 seats in the first year.

Medical College Functional Progress and Health Follow-up on NTR instructions is also for pricing M was speaking at the meeting attended by Ndi Konni LA Medical College

District Collector Dr. Diviya S. Iyer, Principal Konni Medical College Dr. Miriam Worki, Superintendent Dr. CV. Rajendran, Chief Project Manager Heights R. Ratheesh Kumar Bandhapetta Dyogastha started and participated.

Hostel and quarters
Construction is underway

The construction of hostel and quarters is progressing rapidly, it is a knife. Construction will be completed immediately.

241 crore rupees provided by KIFB have been used for the two phase construction work. Debt operations are taking place. 86 lakh for labor room, ophthalmology and blood bank.

200 bedded hospital building, academic block continues , Hostels, Staff Quarters, Auditorium, Autopsy Building, The second phase includes those started by Dean Villa. Hostel building work is progressing vigorously.

X-ray unit
The laboratory is also ready

Clean Water Scheme, Oxygen Manufacturing Plant, X-Ray Unit, first class The laboratory began operation during the week.

The services of various specialist department doctors are also available. Necessary equipment and furniture arrived at the academic building chu

Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry Laboratories, Library, Lecture Hall Place those who started.

Konni Medical to build a labor room through Arogya Kerala 3.5 crore has been received for the college administration.

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