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Korat police station cluster surges non-stop, spreads to worker camp Continue to add – fresh news

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Korat Hospital Cluster distributed to workers’ camps After Cambodian workers were arrested without work permits, they were put in jail for 5 hours in the same room as a person infected with coronavirus. heavy spread

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On October 30, 2021, Mr. Jeerasak Saenghoi, Chaloem Phrakiat District Chief, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, together with staff went to the worker camp area, Moo 1, Nong Yang sub-district, after a COVID-19 case was found. Until the need to ask for cooperation to close the camp for 14 days, deliver food and water There were 6 cases of coronavirus in the camp, 40 of them were exposed to high-risk people as a result of the city police cluster. Nakhon Ratchasima itself

The infection of this worker’s camp is caused by Cambodian workers who do not have work permits in Thailand. was arrested by immigration officers Then go to detention at the City Police Station. Later, the employer brought the documents to confirm. before going back to camp The Cambodian workers were imprisoned in the police station. Only 5 hours, but in the detention room waiting to push back to the country There are people infected with COVID in it. causing infection to such workers before spreading to this worker’s camp

Narinrat Pitchayakamin, a provincial public health doctor in Nakhon Ratchasima, revealed the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic. The new wave in 32 districts of Nakhon Ratchasima province said that there were 66 new cases, 6 of them traveling from high-risk areas and 60 touching patients in the area, totaling 29,896 cumulative patients, 27,845 recovered, 1,827 still being treated. The total number of deaths was 224.

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