‘Korea 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss’ was the equivalent of the peeler, “Final? Between 8 and 4”

A fortune teller who guessed the results of the Korean national team’s 3rd group stage match.[사진출처=유튜브 캡처]

In this World Cup, a fortune teller who guessed all the results of the 3rd group stage match of the Korean national team is drawing attention.

On the 14th of last month, Mr. A posted a video of four weeks of Paulo Bento, the coach of the Korean national football team, on his YouTube channel. The PD told the narrator the date of birth of coach Bento without revealing the target, and said, “This person (Paul Bento) is on November 24th (Uruguay game), November 28th (Ghana game), December 3 (game Portugal) Please tell me,” he asked.

Then, said Mr. A, “I was very angry on the 28th (November). It means you’re wrapped up with people you’re related to,” he said. “The 3rd day is the best. The 24th is the center where it is not biased anywhere.”

He later explained that the date of birth given by the PD was Bento’s coach and the date was the date of the game. In response, Mr A said, “Then the game against Ghana on November 28 will not be resolved. 3 days is the best. Who are you playing against?” he asked. When the PD replied “Portugal,” Mr A said, “Isn’t it strong?” “If this is true, it will be 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. Then (Round 16) are you going up?” he asked back.

Finally, to the question, “How far do you expect the World Cup?”, Mr A replied, “Between 8 and 4”.

Mr A’s prediction circulated in the online community before the match against Portugal on the 3rd, but did not attract attention. However, when Korea won the match against Portugal and all the predictions came true, the fortune teller’s SNS became a hot topic.

Netizens who saw this left comments like “I came on a pilgrimage”, “What will be the result of the quarter-final”, “Predict the match against Brazil”.

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