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oneCanada’s industry ministers are meeting

Core minerals as a comprehensive strategic partner, battery, Strengthen economic security cooperation

niceIRACore minerals supply chain in response to MOUPromote a quick collection of

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Lee Chang-yangmoney 11. 25(gold) Visit Korea at the Seoul Government Complex Annex Canada Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development FrancoisPhilip Champagne(Francois-Philippe champagne) meeting with the ministerhave, Core industry collaborationclass Commerce·Investment Expansion Plandiscuss abouthe did.

* Champagne was previously Minister of Foreign Affairs., infra·community minister, served as Minister for International Trade within the Trudeau government 4History of Minister’s Dogs

oneOverview of the Canadian Ministerial Meeting Industry

(date / Place) ‘ 22.11.25 (gold), Seoul Government Complex Annex

(attend) (Korea) Minister for Trade, Industry and Energy, Director of Trade Policy, Director of Resource Industry Policy, etc.
(digging) Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Senior Advisor to the Minister, Canada’s Deputy Ambassador to Korea, etc.

(main discussion) Key Minerals Collaboration, economic security cooperation, industrial technology cooperation, Busan Expo, etc.

of the Ministers of both countries past 9With the Korea-Canada summit held in June, bilateral relations comprehensive strategic partnershipupgrade toHe said it was, Agreement during the President’s visitone resulthear as a basis More Collaborationrelationshiphe decided to build.

oneTrade between Canada and Canadamoney Complementary economic structure*based on 2015year onedigging FTA gradually increased after fermentation. 2021year 131billion dollars**like always loudcast record.

* oneCapture trade structure: one(a car·steel·mobile phone, etc.) digging(bituminous coal·Ore(copper ore, iron minepulp·livestock meat)

** oneCanadian trade volume(billion dollars): (Export) (’15) 46.2(’17) 47.2(’19) 55.7(’21) 67.1 /
(income) (’15) 39.8(’17) 50.4(’19) 57.6(’21) 63.7

yes Recently, between the two countries an electric car, batteryAI etc. core areain cooperation swollen, etc. The bilateral supply chains are more closely linkedcoming.

< oneCases of Investment and Cooperation between Canada >



investment/Cooperation Status

an electric car

(digging) magna – (Korea) LGES

world 3Magna, the above parts manufacturercompanyWow LGElectronic electric vehicle powertrain field Establish a joint venture(‘21.7) and investment in electric vehicle parts manufacturing facilities(Incheon)


(Korea) LGES

yes LGEnsolStellantis(stars) joint venture battery factory

OntarioCondition windsorcity / 4.1billion dollars (the sum of the two companies)

(Korea) POSCO

ㅇ POSCO Chemical-GM joint venture(corporate name CAM voltium) cathode material plant

QuebecCondition Becancourtcity / 3.27billion dollars (the sum of the two companies)


(Korea) Samsung

ㅇ Toronto AIresearch centre(‘18.5open month)

from Montreal AIresearch centre(‘18.10open month)

(Korea) LGbefore

ㅇ Toronto AI laboratory(’18instead of a year)

against this background, Ministers of both countries core ore·Material secondary battery an electric carRoyerlose across the value chainacross Cooperationsecond active promotionto do it he did.

ㅇ Especially, both sides have passed 9monthly routine An intergovernmental core minerals supply chain according to the agreement Cooperation MOUprompt collection ofsecond decided to proceed,

* 9Money Bang Month, Key minerals between companies MOUSignedhe did, Bugan Core Minerals supply chain collaboration MOUsign as soon as possibleagreed to

thisThrough the Meanwhile bituminous coal, iron ore, etc. General Minerals Centretrade range that was, nickel, cobalt etc. Expansion into core mineralsSo Win-win cooperationCreateintend to go out.

yes oneCanada Thursday core ore a battery cooperationmoney nice Inflation Reduction Method(IRA)oh an electric car tax credit issues*in relation to, External trade environmentsecond stable managementdo he is expected to contribute.

* Core minerals used in electric vehicle batteries exceed a certain percentage(’23year 40% ’27year 80%) USA or with the United States FTAMining in signatory countries·request processing

Furthermore, Ministers of both countries supply chain crisisgo permanentin the situation Agree on the importance of economic security cooperation among alliesa, established at the last summit 2+2(diplomacy·a mountainup) High level Economic Security Dialogueagree to work closely with.

yes 2023yearthis oneDiplomatic Relations between Canada and Canada 60birthdayso much and, The first meeting will be held next yearWe intend to create collaborative outcomes with the aim of.

Meanwhile Ministers of both countriesof key industries leading countrylike industrial technology cooperation, Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific regionConstructive views were also exchanged on.

last, Minister Lee South Korea 2030 Canada’s decision to host the Busan Expo ask for attention and supportdo, advanced technology· Core Minerals Supply Chain in a field bilateral Economic cooperation successes that can combine strengthshear Let’s take care of ourselveshe emphasized.

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