Korea-China Defense Ministers Meeting Held on the occasion of ADMM-Plus – Press Release | briefing room | news

□ On November 23 (Wednesday), National Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop, who attended the 9th ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM-Plus), held a ROK-China defense ministers’ meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe.
ㅇ The two Ministers exchanged detailed views on the recent security situation on the Korean Peninsula and in the region and on ways to develop defense cooperation between the two countries in the meeting, which lasted for one hour and ten minutes.

□ The Minister and Secretary recalled that at the ROK-China summit held on the occasion of the G20 Summit on November 15, the heads of state of the two countries reached a consensus that the bilateral relationship should be further developed based on respect for each other , mutual benefit, and common interests.
ㅇ Based on this, it was agreed that it is necessary to try and implement various progress plans in the field of national defense.

□ The two Ministers mentioned the importance of strengthening overall cooperation through close strategic communication and various exchanges between defense authorities in order to develop defense cooperation between Korea and China in the future. suspended since 2019, ▲ Implementation of a contact system between the military authorities of the two countries, including direct telephone calls between the two countries’ Ministries of Defense, ▲ Joint visits at different levels, education and training, and human exchanges including student exchanges We have decided to expand further.
ㅇ Meanwhile, Minister Lee emphasized the importance of preventing accidental conflicts between the militaries of the two countries by actively using communication methods between the militaries of the two countries, including the direct telephone between the Navy and the Air Force, which was also opened in 2022. .

□ Meanwhile, regarding the threat of North Korea, Minister Lee stressed that claims that the development of North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities are a response to the military exercises of the ROK-US alliance and the threat of the United States, but this is not valid.
ㅇ Minister Lee said that North Korea has secretly developed nuclear weapons and missiles over the past years even during the period of dialogue between the two Koreas and the United States and North Korea. It was said that the claim that it was the case is nothing more than a transfer of responsibility.
ㅇ In particular, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang mentioned that North Korea should come to the forum for dialogue after realizing that the expansion of North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities will only cause pressure and strengthen unity between South Korea and the United States, South Korea, the United States and Japan, and the international community, and that North Korea will never gain anything from upgrading its nuclear and missile capabilities. As such, he asked the Chinese side to play a constructive role.
ㅇ In response, Wei said that China never wants escalation and instability on the Korean Peninsula, and that China has continuously played an active and constructive role for stability on the Korean Peninsula. He said that he must make an effort.

□ Minister Lee presented the three visions and three principles of the Korean Internment Strategy announced by President Seok-Yeol Yoon at the last ASEAN-Korea Summit, and Director Wei expressed concern about the ongoing war in Ukraine and made further sacrifices. war would end early through dialogue and negotiations to prevent this from happening. <끝>

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