Korea Commercial Arbitration Board Recruiting New Arbitrators in 2023

Korea Commercial Arbitration Boardreceive support for the recruitment of new arbitrators by the 28th.

The main recruitment areas are △ construction (equipment, wind power generation, public works, etc.) △ information communication (software), including △ industrial machinery, OA automation field, etc.

Application qualifications: △In the case of the legal profession, those who have obtained the qualification of solicitor, doctorate in law, or foreign lawyer with at least 5 years of legal experience △In the case of the vocational industry, those who have at least 10 years of practical experience and have worked in an active position for at least 3 years, and those who have worked in a professional field for at least 15 years A person who has worked for more than 5 years as a person who has obtained the highest level qualification in each field △In the case of academia, a person who has worked in a major field for more than 5 years as a university professor, more than 5 years as a doctoral degree, and more than 10 years as a master’s degree △Public /other specialist organisations, etc. In this case, he is an executive of the relevant organization or a person with a doctoral degree and has worked for more than 5 years.

Application can be made on the website of the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board(link)After contacting in the ‘Arbitration – Arbitrator – Application for Arbitrator’ procedure, complete and submit the application form.

For other details, please contact the Domestic Arbitration Team of the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board (☏02-551-2003, email:


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