Korea Communications Commission Chairman Han Sang-hyuk meets with Epic Games CEO… “Strict enforcement of app market regulations”

<한상혁 방송통신위원장(오른쪽)이 17일 팀 스위니 에픽게임즈 대표와 마크 뷰제 매치그룹 수석부사장과 영상회의 면담을 하고 있다.>

Korea Communications Commission Chairman Han Sang-hyeok expressed his will to Epic Games and Match Group to strictly enforce the law so as not to tarnish the pride of Korea, which implemented the world’s first app market regulation.

Chairman Han made this statement during a videoconference interview with Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, and Marc Buje, senior vice president of Match Group, on the 17th. The interview was conducted at the request of Epic Games and Matchgroup. Chairman Han explained the domestic policies for the establishment of a fair online platform ecosystem and win-win development, including the App Market, and listened to the opinions of Epic Games and Match Group.

Chairman Han said, “It is time to seek a way for platform operators and users to coexist in order to promote the sustainable development of the online ecosystem and user benefits. Infringement is regulated,” he said.

He added, “If the system is established and service competition between service providers such as app market companies, app developers, and payment agencies takes place, it will ultimately lead to increased benefits for both users and creators.”

Sweeney hoped that Korea would play a leading role for a fair platform ecosystem and that the Korea Communications Commission’s will would be well realized and that it would become a model success story for the world. Vice President Buse also expected that Korean regulatory practices for the app market would have a global impact and would serve as the basis for regulatory policies promoted in many other countries.

Chairman Han said, “For a platform ecosystem where everyone coexists, not only the government, but also platform companies, content producers, creators, and users need attention and participation. The role of companies such as Epic Games and Match Group is also important. As cooperation with the KCC is essential to the creation of the app ecosystem, the Korea Communications Commission plans to seek cooperation with regulatory authorities in major countries for effective responses.”

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<한상혁 방송통신위원장이 17일 팀 스위니 에픽게임즈 대표와 마크 뷰제 매치그룹 수석부사장과 영상회의 면담을 하고 있다.>

By Park Jong-jin