Korea Customs Service, revised “Export Customs Clearance Notice”, effective from February 1st

Ocean express cargo arriving at Busan Port undergoes customs clearance inspection.

The Korea Customs Service is revising and enforcing the ‌Notice on Export Customs Clearance Processing‌ from February 1st (Wednesday) to promote e-commerce exports.

① First, as part of the follow-up measures to the “Plan for Improving Convenience and Exporting in E-Commerce” announced in October last year, list customs clearance * is allowed from some customs offices (Incheon, Pyeongtaek, Gimpo , etc.) to all customs offices throughout the country.

* For e-commerce goods worth 2 million won or less, the formal export declaration (many items reported) is replaced by the submission of the export list.

② Next, the e-commerce export declaration price correction period (30 → 60 days) is extended by reflecting the e-commerce industry proposal.

□ (① Follow-up measures for 「E-Commerce Export Improvement Plan」) Expansion of customs offices that allow customs clearance from the three existing customs offices in Incheon, Gimpo, and Pyeongtaek to all 34 customs offices throughout the country that has jurisdiction over the place where goods are stored.

ㅇ A customs clearance list * is a simple way to report goods worth less than 2 million won without going through formal export customs clearance procedures.

* Share of inventory customs clearance among e-commerce exports (number of cases, from 2022): 69.1%

ㅇ Meanwhile, for express carriers to export e-commerce goods through inventory clearance, even if they only want to export through other airports, they must be transported to Incheon (airport / port), Gimpo (airport ), and Pyeongtaek (port), and could only export at the relevant customs office.

ㅇ However, this measure allows e-commerce companies or express delivery companies to use inventory customs clearance only in customs at nearby airports, thereby reducing logistics costs and significantly reducing customs clearance time.

□ (② Reflection on e-commerce export industry proposals) Considering the recent trend of significant increase in fulfillment exports * through global e-commerce platforms, the export price correction period after export declaration has been extended from’ r current 30 days to 60 days, so that small e-commerce companies can ease the burden

* Fulfillment: A system where foreign sales are not confirmed before being taken out of the country, stored in advance in a logistics center designated by a global e-commerce company, and delivered when an order is placed

ㅇ Meanwhile, if a domestic e-commerce company enters a global e-commerce platform and exports a large amount of goods to an overseas fulfillment warehouse,

– In the case of an export declaration, the declared export price is reported as a provisional price, and then declared as a provisional price within 30 days from the time when the export price is finalized from a result of actual sales through the e-world. trade platform (sale price confirmed date or sale payment date) corrected*, which acted as a burden on the industry.

* Example) Difference between product price and actual selling price at the time of export due to event discounts, buyer’s use of coupons and reserves, etc.

ㅇ This measure extends the export declaration correction period to 60 days in accordance with industry demand in order to solve the practical difficulties of the e-commerce industry, where it is difficult to organize price data due to low volume sales of various products and takes a considerable amount of time to process accounting.

□ Kim Hee-ri, head of the Customs and Logistics Policy Division, said, “This measure is expected to significantly reduce logistics costs and the workload of e-commerce exporters, greatly contributing to the expansion of e-commerce exports.”

ㅇ “We will continue to actively improve systems that are difficult for business activities, and support e-commerce exporters to strengthen their global competitiveness,” he said.


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