Korea Football Association provisional board of directors, decision to withdraw amnesty

(21 Vision News) The Korea Football Association held a temporary board meeting at the Football Hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 31st and decided to withdraw the pardon for disciplinary football players on the 28th.

As a result, the amnesty of a total of 100 disciplinary football players, including 48 participants in professional football match fixing, was completely cancelled.

On this day, 27 out of 29 current directors were present at the special board meeting.

The Korea Football Association’s board of directors said, “When dealing with disciplinary action for serious criminal acts such as match-fixing, we should have thought more deeply and listened to opinions from all walks of life, but our thoughts were short and we lacked. awareness.” , I am very sorry for causing great confusion and anxiety to fans.”

In addition, he admitted, “I decided to pardon because I believed that I had paid some of the corresponding sin due to discipline for a long time, but this was a wrong decision that did not arouse social sympathy.”

The board of directors of the Korea Football Association also said, “We will never tolerate illegal acts such as match-fixing, violence or illegal bribery in the future, and for this purpose, we will strengthen preventive devices and make more efforts in education .” I will humbly accept criticism and criticism and use it as an opportunity to work hard.”

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There can be no other view that match fixing is a criminal act that destroys the fundamental spirit of sport.

I am well aware that the illegal actions of those who took part in K-League fixing games in 2011 cannot be justified for any reason.

That is why, at the time when I was serving as the president of the Korean Professional Football Federation, I also showed my will to ensure that match-fixing never sets foot on our land again through severe punishment for those involved.

I always thought what they did was so wrong, but it was also a heavy burden that the entire football world, including the Korean Football Association, had to carry.

About 2 years ago, I kept receiving suggestions from frontline football players saying, “Since they have fully reflected on themselves for more than 10 years and paid for their sins to some extent , why not show tolerance now?” I did not accept these suggestions, but recently I came to think that it is now more important to develop the suspension system and to enlighten and educate the players faithfully rather than keeping only the players attached to a lifelong disciplinary status.

It was judged that the effect of the terror that sounded to all football workers through the heavy penalty was also quite successful.

Therefore, as the head of Korean football, it is also possible to give match-fixing participants and those who are subject to disciplinary action an opportunity to serve Korean football once again, at a time when Korean football begins fresh after the World Cup in Qatar. I thought it was a duty.

But as it turned out, that opinion was ill-considered. I could not fully fathom the immense shock and hurt that football players and fans suffered from the match-fixing incident.

Along with the stricter moral standards, no consideration was given to the higher expectations of fans who want a fair ground.

We also take seriously the point that there was a lack of prior communication with related organizations, including the Korea Sports Council.

I am very sorry for my shortcomings in the process of making this amnesty decision.

I humbly accept the criticism and criticism brought upon me and the Korean Football Association, and use it as an opportunity to stand again as a better organization.

I bow my head in apology once again for causing great concern to football fans and the public.


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