Korea Golf Association “Professional players will also participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games”

▲ Lee Jung-myeong, president of the Korea Golf Association

Professional players will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games golf game, which will start in September this year.

The Korea Golf Association announced today (26th) that it will hold the 2022 regular general meeting at The Plaza Hotel in Seoul and select a mix of professional and amateur players for the national team to participate in this year’s Asian Games.

The men’s division with 4 players will consist of 2 professionals and 2 amateurs, and the women’s division with 3 players will consist of 1 professional and 2 amateurs.

Appointment of coaching staff will also be discussed later.

In the meantime, professional players were allowed to participate in Olympic golf, but only amateur players were allowed to participate in Asian Games golf.

In particular, as professional players are allowed to participate in the men’s division, there is a possibility that players who play on the US PGA Tour, such as Im Seong-jae and Kim Si-woo, will benefit from military service.

Meanwhile, the Korea Golf Association appointed Seong Moon-jung, a full-time executive director, at today’s general meeting.

Executive Director Seong Moon-jeong is a senior researcher at the Korea Academy of Sports Policy Science and has served as a member of the regulatory reform committee of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and a member of the Sports Fair TF.

At the awards ceremony held after the general meeting, the association presented citations to Oh Ki-jong, president of the Korea Mid-Amateur Federation, Lim Young-tae, Konkuk University professor, Seong-deok Seong-deok, Chung-Ang University professor, Park Yun-yeol, Seomun Girls’ High School teacher, Kim Ki-hyun, association referee. We delivered a plaque of merit to the Wang production team and others.

Lee Jung-myeong, president of the Korea Golf Association, said, “We will thoroughly prepare for this year’s Asian Games with the goal of winning a gold medal in all categories.”

(Photo=provided by the Korea Golf Association, Yonhap News)



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