“Korea is like Ukraine if it is hostile to its neighbors” Chinese journalist

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A famous Chinese journalist, Hu Shi-jin, former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, posted an article that South Korea could become like Ukraine, which had been invaded by Russia if it was hostile to its neighboring countries. He is also a person who has poured out aggressive remarks about South Korea, such as the THAAD conflict and BTS award impressions.

Hu Shi-jin, a former general editor of the Chinese state media, Global Times, yesterday (5th) attached a link to an English article stating that South Korea joined the NATO Cyber ​​Defense Center as a full member to his Twitter account. Then she wrote, “If South Korea chooses a path that is hostile to its neighbours, the end of that path could be Ukraine.”

This can be read to the effect that if South Korea adopts a hostile policy to China, the situation could be similar to that of Ukraine, which became a battlefield due to the Russian invasion.

Hu Shi-jin was considered one of China’s leading state-run journalists. He has posted many posts on social media (SNS) representing the Chinese government’s position on various issues to the extent that he is called an ‘unofficial spokesperson’.

In particular, there is a bad connection with Korea, such as taking issue of remarks about the Korean War in BTS’s ‘Van Fleet Award’ and slandering “Isn’t Korea stupid because it only ate kimchi?” in September 2017, during the THAAD conflict.

Hu Shi-jin resigned as the general editor of the Global Times at the end of last year. Even after his retirement, he continues to contribute online and offline, maintaining his influence.

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