Korea-Japan Summit after 2 years and 9 months… “Consultation on the issue of forced mobilization”

Source: Yonhap News

The president’s office said the two leaders discussed past issues at the Korea-Japan summit held privately for the first time in two years and nine months.

Kim Seong-han, head of the National Security Bureau, met with reporters in New York this afternoon, Korean time, and said, “The two leaders agreed on the need to improve relations in relation to current issues.” It was decided to continue communicating,” he said.

When asked what issues were discussed between Korea and Japan, a high-ranking official in the presidential office said, “The issue that the two countries are focusing on to improve relations between Korea and Japan is the issue of forced mobilization.

That’s how I say it,” he answered shortly.

The presidential office also clarified that the leaders of South Korea and Japan share their concerns about North Korea’s nuclear program, including the recent nuclear deterrence and the possibility of a seventh nuclear test, and agreed to work closely with the international community to respond .

When asked about the background of the brief summit held in two years and nine months, a high-ranking official said, “As President Biden’s diplomatic schedule was changed, all the other bilateral talks in a chain were messed up. As it became opaque, it came to take in compact form.”

He also said that the reason the meeting was held in private was “because we have agreed to maintain thorough security with the Japanese side.”

Regarding the comment that the Japanese side felt dissatisfied with the South Korean government revealing whether the summit was held before Japan before leaving, a high-ranking official said, “It is normal to announce the process of the summit agreement at the same time, but it difference of opinion because the timing is not observed properly. It is true,” he said.

On the 15th, a high-ranking official in the presidential office said that South Korea and Japan had agreed to hold a summit of their own accord.

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