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Korea Midland Power and Energy Conversion Job Competency Training

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[이데일리 문승관 기자] Korea Midland Power announced on the 18th that it had opened a ‘job competency improvement course for wise energy transition’ to improve job competencies for eco-friendly energy conversion and carbon neutrality with Ajou Automobile University in Boryeong, South Chungcheong Province, on the 18th.

This training consisted of a course covering all areas of basic understanding of new and renewable energy, business development, and facility operation. By cooperating with Ajou Automobile University, a local university, it is expected that KOMIPO will become a driving force in strengthening the renewable business and balanced regional development, which is the main task of ‘KOMIPO New Deal 2.0 for a Better Leap and Coexistence’ promoted by KOMIPO. In this training, KOMIPO plans to train employees of power plants whose operation is suspended due to the voluntary upper limit of coal power plants to continuously strengthen their competencies so that they can demonstrate their abilities in all power generation sites including coal power plants as well as new and renewable power plants. Park Young-gyu, head of the Korea Midland Power’s technology and safety division, said, “In order to respond to the changes of the times ahead of time and respond flexibly, industry and academia will work together to strengthen capacity for energy transition and carbon neutrality.”


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