Korea Petroleum Putin orders military mobilization, predicts profits ↑… Share price soars

Russian President Vladimir Putin announces partial migration in a televised speech on the 21st. photo = AP

Oil prices are rising on expectations of a rise in oil prices following Russia’s announcement of military mobilization orders.

As of 9:50 am on the 22nd, Korea Oil is trading at 12,650 won, up 1,600 won (14.48%) from the previous day.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on the 21st (local time) a partial mobilization order for the war against Ukraine. “If the West wants to destroy Russia, we will do everything in our power to defend Russia,” Putin said. As the possibility of a long war increases, the possibility of a rise in international oil prices has risen.

Shin Hyun-ah, reporter at Hankyung.com sha0119@hankyung.com

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