‘Korea Tennis Hope’ Sangju native Soon-woo Kwon wins first Australian Open after 5 seasons in 4 matches

All 4 major tournaments advance to the second round
Daegu City Hall’s Jang Su-jeong aims for her first win in the finals on the 18th

Kwon Soon-woo, a tennis star born in Gyeongbuk, won the Australian Open men’s singles first round held in Melbourne, Australia on the 17th (Korean time) and won his first Australian Open final. yunhap news

Kwon Soon-woo (54th, Dangjin City Hall), the ‘hope of Korean tennis’ born in Gyeongbuk, entered the second round of the Australian Open tennis tournament for the first time in his life after ‘four games and 5th period’.

Kwon Soon-woo, a native of Sangju, played a full set match against Holger Rune of Denmark (99th) in the first round of the Australian Open tennis men’s singles round held in Melbourne, Australia on the 17th (Korean time), and the set score was 3-2 (3-6 6-4 3-6 6). -3 6-2) and advanced to the second round.

This is the fourth time Kwon Soon-woo has reached the second round in the four major tennis tournaments, following the 2020 US Open (dismissed in the second round), last year’s French Open (excluded in the third round), and Wimbledon (excluded in the second round).

On this day, Kwon Soon-woo could not attack Rune in the early stages and was dragged away. In the first sub game of the first set, he allowed a break without raising a single point. They followed closely, but could not break through the opponent’s sub game, and gave up the set as they were attacked in the fifth sub game.

In the second set, the score was restored. He brought the flow by winning Rune’s second sub game, and gave up his third sub game, but took Rune’s sub game straight away.

Kwon Sun-woo struggled once again in the third set, which was beaten by a set score of 1-1, and in the fourth set, he allowed Rune to play the first sub game, losing momentum.

At the moment when the discoloration was deep, Rune suddenly complained of pain in her leg. In the 7th game of the 4th set, it deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t even move properly. In the end, Kwon Soon-woo completely seized the flow and took two sets in a row, winning the set score 3-2.

This is the first time Kwon Soon-woo has won the Australian Open final. He had previously advanced to the Australian Open finals in 2018, 2020, and 2021, but could not overcome the barrier of the first round. In 2019, he was eliminated from the qualifying round.

Jang Su-jeong competes in the Hana Bank Korea Open International Competition held at the Olympic Park tennis courts in Seoul from December 20-26 last year. Yeongnam Ilbo DB

On the other hand, Jang Su-jeong (212th) of Daegu City Hall, who confirmed her advance to the Australian Open final on the 14th and made it to the women’s singles final for the first time in her life, is aiming for the second round against Danka Kovinic of Montenegro on the 18th.

Jang Su-jeong defeated Rebecca Masarovar (163rd, Spain) 2-0 (6-2 6-3) in the final of the women’s singles qualifier held on the 14th. In the meantime, he has challenged 11 times in the preliminary rounds of major tournaments, and won a ticket to the finals in the 12th qualifying round. At the 2017 French Open and US Open, they reached the qualifier finals, but failed to qualify for the finals as they lost their last match.

It is the first time in two years for a Korean female player to advance to the singles final of a major tournament since Han Na-rae at the 2020 Australian Open.
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